Can I Drop a Dress Size in 4 Weeks?

Anyone who has been following me on social media will know that I have been undergoing something of a lifestyle change lately. I get up early to work out, I’ve been going for walks before starting work, and a couple of weeks ago a reader gave (!) me a Fitbit, which I’ve been using to track my food intake, steps and various other things.

Girls Love Fit Drop a Dress Size

And then, last weekend, Alex from Girls Love Fit asked me if I would be interested in trialling their Drop a Dress Size programme for May. 

I’ve done programmes like this before, and I’ve found that I had just about enough self control to get me through the first 6 days… and then I needed all the chocolate and cake and everything went to pot. This time though, things are different. A while ago I made a conscious decision that I needed to make a permanent change to my diet and lifestyle. I began getting up at 5:30am, when I now exercise, meditate and read before beginning my day. Then I began seeing a hypnotherapist (more of that in another post, I think). So when I was asked to try this programme, I jumped at the chance.

bright new trainers

The plan begins tomorrow, and the first week is a detox week. No coffee, no starchy carbs, no grains. I’ll say that again: no coffee. None. I’ve been given a list of raw ingredients, and if a food is not on the list, I don’t eat it. Instead of coffee and the Coke Zero of which I’ve become very fond, I can have water with a little lemon or lime to taste, or herbal tea. 

As well as this, I have daily workouts and because of my separated abs, I have exercises to do to help draw them in. Alex believes that some of the problem with my belly (I look pregnant a lot of the time) is due to inflammation in the gut pushing my belly out so between the change in diet and these exercises, I’m hoping for some good results.

can I drop a dress size?
me, at 5:30am before my workout.

A year ago, if you’d suggested I do this I would have laughed you out of the room. I would have told you I couldn’t survive without coffee, that I needed bread and sugar, that I didn’t have time to exercise. Oh, how times have changed!

That’s not to say I’m not apprehensive; I know it will be difficult to just stop drinking coffee and Coke Zero; besides it being a habit to pick up a bottle in the afternoon, that’s an awful lot of caffeine to suddenly stop drinking. But I believe I can do it, and since this programme has a fantastic success rate, I’m intrigued to see how well I can do on it.

I’m not quite brave enough to post my “before” photos here, but I will be tracking my progress by weighing and measuring myself each week. I know this programme has had some amazing results in the past, and I’m hoping to add myself to that list. Watch this space… or rather, watch the space around me grow, as I shrink! 

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  • Nila


    You can do it! I'm reaching the breaking point too. I normally do keto (high fat, low carb) and the first week is terrible, but the cravings really go away after that! My problem has been I keep cheating. I hope this program works for you; I'm gonna keep an eye on it ;)

    1. Vicky Charles


      Ah, keto sounds like something that would need you to be really strict then! Mind you, this first week is quite strict but I'm hoping that next week that will ease off a bit!

  • Mim


    Oh well done lady - can't wait to see your results! I'm particularly interested in what you find helps with the gut inflammation in case I can pick up tips as I have the pregnancy look a lot too grrr x x Mim recently posted...BellaBox BellaBaby April 2016 Unboxing + Video!My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      So far so good; my belly felt quite flat this morning - aside from the fat I need to get rid of! But I hadn't realised how bloated I was until it all stopped. I've had a terrible headache from dropping out the caffeine but that's easing off now.

  • Lucy


    Good luck! I am so interested to see how well this works, I too have the separated abs from having my little boy and worry about some exercises doing more damage. Looking forward to reading about your progress x Lucy recently posted...The Day Our Belongings ArrivedMy Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks Lucy. I was advised to avoid planks and all forms of crunches. Also something really interesting that Alex said was that as well as being loose muscles, a lot of it can be caused by inflammation in the gut. Since I've been doing this detox my belly feels smaller and I've had no pain!

  • Debbie


    Hi Vicky, I'm not going to wish you luck as luck has nothing to do with sticking with something, so I'm going to say "you go girl!". You sound focused and determined, which are the main things. It sounds as if this program has come into your life at just the right time! Xx

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks Debbie! It's been hard but I'm over the worst of the caffeine withdrawal now hopefully!


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