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I loved plasticine when I was little. When a new pack was opened at school it was a big deal and we would all fight over it and play with it, making all sorts of brilliant designs until it dried out and had to go in the bin. Then we would beg the teacher to get out a new pack!

Plasticine Softeez is just like normal plasticine, except that it never dries out – so you can have even more fun with it! We were sent a Plasticine Softeez Tub of Fun as well as a Cupcake Creations kit and some slabs of Plasticne Softeez in various different colours.

Plasticine softeez cupcake

My sister demanded that we wait for a day when she was able to come and play with us before opening the pack – she has fond memories of Plasticine at school too, it seems! They both passed a fun afternoon making some rather spectacular creations.

Plasticine Softeez Cupcake Creations

Once they had made some cupcakes, they set about having fun with making other things.

fun with plasticine softeez

S had so much fun playing with her Plasticine; she made lots of snakes and crazy decorations for her cupcakes. 

plasticine softeez hand family

My sister made a family of hands. Then the hand family had a bit of a family argument and, well… we all know how that ends with Plasticine.

We had a brilliant afternoon playing with Plasticine Softeez, but the real test with a new toy comes when it’s time to put it away: will they let you put it away? Will they beg to have it out again? Well, S was none too pleased at the demise of the hand family and I only managed to persuade her to put the cupcakes away with the promise of a real cupcake from the shop! Since then she’s played with her Plasticine Softeez lots and keeps asking to get it out before nursery in the mornings. I think it can be safely considered a hit!

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NB: We were provided with Plasticine Softeez sets for the purposes of review, but all words and opinions are my own.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Kim Carberry · 15/04/2016 at 20:25

Ohh! That is clever. I like that it never dries out….
It sound like you had such a great time! What fab creations x

Janet Yarwood · 16/04/2016 at 10:11

This looks fab! I loved plasticine as a kid and non-drying-out stuff sounds even better. Need to find out if it’s Monkey-friendly. She can’t have play doh because of her allergies so hoping this would work

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