Humans are pretty adept at identifying when something is visibly wrong with another person. Whether we consciously contemplate it or not, appearance affects how we look at one another. It’s with this in mind that many people seek out cosmetic and surgical solutions to perceived failings of the body. However on the same token, it’s this same natural skill of ours that enables us to easily spot the use of makeup and the results of plastic surgery. In this regard, these techniques at allegedly enhancing attraction sort of defeat the purpose.  Humans, at the end of the day, desire natural beauty, not attractiveness through artificial means.

Therefore, in order to best achieve improved appearance it’s necessary for men and women to opt for a more paleo approach to the problem. We can’t stress enough how simple these methods really are: the goal is to live a life similar to the way our early prehistoric ancestors did, just without the lawlessness, lack of technology, and reckless abandon. Bottom line: natural exercise, natural foods, natural remedies, and natural schedules.

Natural Remedies

Medically and surgically-driven methods for improving appearance should be last resorts, if ever taken at all. Let’s be clear: life threatening situations and circumstances regarding personal health and hygiene ought to always receive medical attention – it’s the relatively frivolous matters of beauty we’re talking about.

For example, it’s wise to cut down on sugary foods and drinks in exchange for yogurt and veggie juice before electing for a teeth whitening procedure. Similarly, it’s probably best to try a natural skin tag or mole removal product before opting for cryotherapy to remove these benign but sometimes unsightly blemishes.

Natural Exercise

In a sense all exercise is of course natural – get the heart beating, sweat pouring, and limbs moving and you can’t go wrong. Yet too much weight lifting without coordination or cardio, for example, can lead to an odd physical appearance and ultimate lack of all-around fitness.

To exercise for improved appearance, focus on cardiovascular exercise like cycling, running, and participating in sports requiring fast continual movement. This mimics the way humans were naturally exercising thousands of years ago; chasing after game and outrunning predators.

Natural Foods

Men and women, for the sake of finding suitable mates, are primed for noticing signs of vitamin deficiencies and other dietary issues in others. Thus, a bad diet is a leading contributor to perceived poor appearance. Skin feel, skin tone, hair, fingernails, teeth, and eyes are things we immediately notice about one another and which are greatly affected by our diets.

Once again we refer to the world of our ancestors. Opting for a healthy diet of leafy greens, filling root vegetables, and reduced portions of lean meat versus processed fats and sugars equates to successfully acquiring the many necessary vitamins and nutrients for healthy living. This, in turn, improves many aspects of the surface of the body which we factor into our appearance.

Natural Schedules

Last but not least it’s vital for people to stick to a sleep pattern similar to that of our ancestors. Consistent studies show there are major health consequences to “work-shift disorder” – working during hours your body wants to sleep and sleeping during the hours your body wants to be awake.

Medicines exist to help folks with careers which depend on working out of sync with their natural body clock, but alternative techniques ought to be tried first. For instance, it may be worth it to try a sunrise simulator to trick your body into feeling as though it’s in tune with the right time of day.

Looking better shouldn’t ever require heavy makeup or complicated surgery. Appearance is strongly tied to health, there’s no question about it. Health, as any recurring reader here knows, is tied to living a life near to the one our bodies evolved for. Not only will this lead to looking better, it will lead to feeling better too.

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Vicky Charles

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