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You may remember a couple of weeks ago I posted about S’s sleeping habits and testing out the Johnson’s 3-Step Bedtime Routine. Two weeks later, we’re back to share our results!


Johnson’s say their 3-step bedtime routine can help to improve children’s sleep. Here’s how we got on with the 3 steps:

  1. Bath: a warm bath using Johnson’s Bedtime Bath or Wash. We don’t have a bath, so S had a shower with Bedtime Wash. We called it her special soap, and I explained that it was only for showers before bed, not in the mornings. She liked the idea of this, and enjoyed using it. I also bought her a special hair turban for our new bedtime routine.
  2. Massage: We were given some Johnson’s Bedtime Baby Oil, as well as some Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion for this part. Again, S loved the idea of having her own special cream just for bed times, and delighted in deciding which arm we would rub it into first, and then which leg. I used to give S a little massage with cream every night before bed when she was a baby, but I just sort of fell out of the habit as she got older so it was nice to have that reminder to go back to it.
  3. Quiet Time: We’ve always had story time at bedtime, but for the last couple of weeks we’ve tried to make it a bit more of a thing with more stories and cuddles.

The Verdict

We did one week with our “usual bedtime routine” – which wasn’t much of a routine – and one week with the Johnson’s routine.

I think as S has grown older and our days have been busier, the bedtime routine has sort of fallen by the wayside. Some nights we get in from nursery half an hour before bedtime and often we end up just rushing to bed. Doing this challenge has made me stop and slow down a little more at bedtime.

We were provided with a sheet to fill in to record how S slept for the two weeks. There was actually a difference when we started with the Johnson’s bedtime routine and although she has still been waking up in the night, it’s not been so frequent and she’s settled back down quickly. We even had one night where she slept right through, in her own bed – and woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off to sneak into my bed for a cuddle!

The nightly shower is not something we can manage every night because of our routine, but I want to keep up the nightly massage as I feel it helps S to relax before bed and also helps us to reconnect if we’ve had a day where we’ve not seen each other much, or we’ve had a bit of a disagreement. And of course, story time will always stay!


Sponsored blog post by the JOHNSON’S® brand. I have received payment incentive and samples but all opinions are my own. JOHNSON’S® clinically proven bedtime routine consists of bath, massage and quiet time, tested on babies 7 months+, 1 week+ use.


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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