Peppa Pig Construction Set Review

S was very excited when this Peppa Pig Grandpa Pig’s Boat Construction Set arrived. Like most children her age, she is bonkers for Peppa Pig.

Grandpa Pig's Boat

Because I am a sensible mummy, I got the box out on a day when De Af was there, and it was her job to put the boat together.  She seemed to find it fairly easy and it only took a couple of minutes. We did ask S to join in, but she had found Grandpa Pig and was too busy playing with him to care about his boat!

Peppa Grandpa Pigs Boat Construction

S loves taking Grandpa Pig for a walk.

Peppa Grandpa Pigs Boat Construction

He walks around his boat to make sure it’s ok…

Peppa Grandpa Pigs Boat Construction

And then he sets sail…

Peppa Grandpa Pigs Boat Construction

S loves playing with Grandpa Pig’s boat; sometimes he takes her other toys out for a ride on the boat too. She’s not been too bothered about taking it apart since my sister put it together for her but I’m sure as she gets older she’ll want to investigate that side of it too.




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