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Reasons to be Cheerful 2016-02-04

Reasons to be Cheerful


How is your week going? What are you grateful for today?

Our week has been a bit bonkers, in that I’ve been trying to do fifty things at once! We had a lovely day off yesterday though, and today I am off to London – which means a long train journey where I’ll have little choice but to read… oh, the hardship!

Here are the things for which I am grateful this week:

Simple Pleasures – De Af has begun looking after my other sister’s children on a Wednesday. At first I was a bit put out, as Wednesday is our day off and S loves her time with De Af. But then we just started hanging out with then on Wednesdays instead. This week we all went to the park and had a fabulous time. It’s so lovely to watch S playing with her cousin; he’s a year younger than her and she behaves so perfectly when she’s around him as she knows she’s setting him an example. Adorable to watch!

Train Journeys – This time last year I was catching the train to Swanwick every Friday to pre-rec a piece for Wave 105. I used those journeys to catch up on reading and to plan work and blogs for the week ahead. I’ve missed them since I stopped doing that particular job. Today though, I’m off to London to be part of an advisory board to an Oxford University study into the use of food banks… which means around 90 minutes each way on the train. Heaven!

Putting Myself Out There – I had been wanting to run workshops locally for ages, but I was really nervous about actually doing them, in case nobody wanted to come. My first one is tomorrow and actually, I’ve had a good response. I’ve had lots of people saying they can’t make that day and would like to come to another as well, and some asking me to put on webinars as well

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Reasons to be Cheerful

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  • Mrs Tubbs


    It's good to count blessings and focus on what we've got rather than what we haven't. Good luck with the advisory board on food banks. They do vital work, but it's so wrong that they have to. :(

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