Most women who are housewives, or, as we call, stay-at-home-mums, are pretty much glued to the TV, tirelessly watching movies and soap operas for hours long. From sunrise to sundown, they can watch shows till they drift off, to sleep. No wonder local TV programming is highly delivered to this section of people. Do, household chores, watch TV! That’s what many house mums find bliss in.

Besides television, bingo has proved to be therapeutic for mommies. The best thing about online bingo is that women no need to take trouble of dressing up just for a few hours. In pajamas, at your own comforts, they get to socialize, natter and laugh while playing bingo. If fortunate enough also get minted once, which surely elates any player more than anything else..

However there are some mummies who love indulging with games like bingo. This is a social game with no geographical constraints among people. Instead of visiting bingo halls one can play at impressive online bingo sites like GameVillage Bingo. A no deposit bingo game is offered in the Chip Van bingo room between 2pm to 8pm, where you can play with no deposit bonuses. Apart from this, the new players will get free bingo bonus worth £20 on making the first deposit of £5, accompanied by a free spin on the Fortune Wheel where they can get assured wins. When players make their second and third deposit they get rewarded with 200%, 300% bonus respectively.

These perks will make help you save for your own basic necessities and more than that your giving time to yourself and that certainly matters the most. So take some time off and reward yourself with the much needed break you deserve after all the exhaustion.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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