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I hate the cold. I mean, I really really don’t like the cold. I went to Poland for new year once, and spent the entire time shivering – I didn’t feel warm until we were back on the plane home. And I’d bought fancy fleece-lined boots especially for the trip!

Winter is not my favourite season. There are two duvets on my bed from about September onwards, and I usually sleep in socks, with a hoodie over my pyjamas! When LV offered to send me a Winter Warmers box, I jumped at the chance. Anything to help me keep warm!

When the box arrived, S was slightly put out as it all seemed to be for me. There was a big Yankee Candle, a hot water bottle, a fleece blanket with sleeves, a big mug wearing a woolly cardigan, some Horlicks… oh, and some chocolate. S of course decided that since I had this whole box of lovely things, she should get the chocolate. I set about lighting my candle and snuggling up under my blanket!

Fairly soon though, S decided that perhaps we should be sharing the blanket. She liked the fact it had sleeves.

pirate blanket

She has begun wearing it as a long jacket, sometimes allowing me to share it with her!

I don’t mind; I still have my hot water bottle to keep me warm, and when S goes to bed I get my blanket back to snuggle on the sofa!

blanket with sleeves

Now, even if the weather is rubbish and wet and cold and downright wintery… I can be warm and snuggly on my sofa with a nice mug of Horlicks, a smelly candle and a hot water bottle and blanket!

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