casdon morphy richards kettle toaster mircowave review

S was delighted to be sent this Casdon toy Morphy Richards microwave, kettle and toaster. She’s really into role play and loves to “make” meals and drinks for me so she was super excited when this arrived.

The set comprises:

Microwave: This requires batteries; it makes electronic noises when you press the buttons, and when you open the door the inside lights up – like a proper microwave! The green display at the top – where an LCD display would be on a normal microwave – has a little wheel at the side so that you can turn the display to show “Fries” or “Potato” or other types of food. 

Kettle: This is like a tiny version of one of the iconic Morphy Richards kettles. S loves to pick it up by the top handle and pour me drinks. I’ve had lots of cups of tea lately!

Toaster: This comes with two slices of bread which you can put into the toaster, push the lever down like a normal toaster and the toast pops up in a few seconds.

We love this set; when we first got it, S spent a long time cooking meals for me in the microwave. When I say that, I mean we spent an entire afternoon with her “cooking” something for me, me “eating it”… and then her shoving it straight back in the microwave for the next round. 

toy morphy richards kettle

We’ve had many hours of play with this set already; I get a cup of tea most mornings while I’m waiting for our real kettle to boil, and my toast is often toasted and then microwaved before I get it! 

There is a satisfying height to the pop of the toaster, also.

toy morphy richards toaster

This is S’s face every time the toaster pops and the toast flies into the air. She loves it.

We’ve been playing with these every day for a couple of weeks now, and so far we’ve not managed to break them – so they seem pretty sturdy. The only problem is that we keep losing the lid from the kettle, as it’s fairly small and not attached to the kettle. 

The set costs £24, which I think is good value for money considering the amount of use you can get out of it. S is 3 now, but children enjoy role play at all ages and so far it seems sturdy enough to last. If we didn’t already have it, I would be considering buying it for her 4th birthday in a couple of months!

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Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life · 10/01/2016 at 21:02

I love the look of this, my daughter got a kitchen for Christmas and she does not have a kettle or microwave for it and this would be a perfect addition. It looks like S is having lots of fun with it xx

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