Japanese NappiesYou may have heard of Japanese Nappies before; Moony and Merries nappies are well known across the globe for their quality. For some reasons, Japan produces amazingly high quality nappies. They’re made to contain even the most extensive poonami, and also manage to pull liquid away from the skin so that there’s no irritation.

Japanese nappies

Moony nappies use natural, organic materials, with an unrivalled quality. They absorb 100% of liquid, and are super comfortable for babies.


Merries are great for allowing babies to move freely without hampering their movement. They’re great for babies with sensitive skin, with a very soft and absorbent lining. 

All Japanese Nappies are made from high quality natural materials which have passed high quality control tests and are incredibly soft to the touch.  

The inner layer absorbs all liquid, transforming it to gel to prevent it from getting back to baby’s skin. This means that even if you aren’t able to change a wet nappy straight away, you know your child won’t be uncomfortable. They even come with a wetness indicator to show you when the nappy is wet.

There is also a secure, stretchy waist band which will hold in wetness (and poo!) without restricting baby’s movements.  A deepened pocket in the rear of the nappy means it can hold more than most nappies; wetness can be held in this pocket well away from baby’s skin until you’re able to change the nappy.

Nappies are usually thick and padded, often impeding babies’ movement – but Merries have been designed to be thinner, with a much better fit so as not to hamper a baby’s movement. This means the nappy is more comfortable, and closer to wearing underwear than a nappy!

If your child has very sensitive skin, allergies or skin conditions, Japanese Nappies should be the number one choice to ensure comfort and peace. Even better, Japanese Nappies offer a refund if you are not happy with your purchase. 

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