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WIN A Skincare Gift Set from Chambers & Co

Christmas Giveaway

Welcome to my Big Christmas Giveaway!

Today’s prize is…

A Skincare Gift Set from Chambers & Co

Chambers & Co are an Honest Ingredients Company; they’re a UK small family business manufacturing natural products. They use best quality ingredients and all products are paraben, sulphate, phthalates and any other harsh ingredients free.

Carrot Tissue Foot Balm

Carrot Tissue Oil is rich in B-carotene which improves skin’s barrier functions and increases cell proliferation. This oil also offers skin softening and moisturising and has anti-inflammatory properties.100% Natural Origin

Aloe Vera hand balm

Formulated to soften and moisturise dry hands.100% Natural Origin Ingredients. Aloe Vera has well known healing, soothing and moisturising properties to name a few. Coconut Oil is one of the most powerful natural oils that moisturise and nourish skin. Almond Oil also has many therapeutic properties including anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and emollient.

Chambers London gift set

I was sent a gift set to review as part of this giveaway, and I love both products. 

The hand cream is solid at room temperature, which I wasn’t expecting – but that’s actually quite useful as it means you don’t end up accidentally getting a huge amount of cream on your hands. It smells divine and since I’ve been using it, my hands have felt softer and the rough patches of skin I’ve had on my palms since S was born have all but cleared up. I love that it’s a natural product with no random chemicals; it means that when S sees me using it and wants to be like mummy, I don’t mind letting her have some to rub into her hands too.

The foot cream is also solid – and orange! I suppose that’s the carrot, durr! It smells beautiful; I love to use it right before I go to bed and it works like aromatherapy on me. As well as the carrot tissue oil, it contains avocado butter and hemp seed oil. I suffer with terrible dry skin on my feet but after a week of using this balm it does seem to be making a difference – which is great because I much prefer to use natural products on my skin.

This gift set would make a great gift for a friend or relative, whether they suffer with dry skin or not – it feels like a luxury to use it so it would feel nice whether you were using it to try and relieve dry skin or just as part of a normal daily routine.



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  • kim neville


    I use E45 cream to moisturise my dry hands daily. I could do with a thicker cream for my cracked heals

  • lynn heath


    I don't usually use a foot cream, but I really should as my heels could do with some tlc!

  • Lyla


    I'm guilty of neglecting my hands and feet and I really need to start taking better care

  • olivia Kirby


    I use hand cream a lot - either Weleda or Nivea

  • Michaela Smith


    I'm using Palmer's cocoa butter formula hands .elbows knees and feet concentrated cream at the moment it smells gorgeous :)

  • Nicki Ramsay


    I get very dry hands and heels in the winter that crack painfully if I don't smother them in hand and foot cream as often as possible.

  • Samantha loughlin


    I use hand cream xxx

  • Sheila Reavy


    I use Neal's Yard Remedies hand cream and Soap & Glory Heel Genius.

  • Judith Allen


    No, I forget, and use cream every now and then wishing I remembered more often.

  • Sheila Reeves


    I have some foot cream that I've just started using, really helping my heels

  • claire woods


    Hand cream because my hands get dry but I'll use any.

  • Claire Elizabeth Noke


    I'm guilty of neglecting my skin (all over) with 3 kids I find it hard to pamper myself. I'd love to start though x



    I use my hand cream more, my poor feet don't get much of a pamper.

  • Rachel Butterworth


    Hand cream to stop my hands drying out.

  • Kim Styles


    I use hand cream more than foot cream but use cocoa butter

  • Lynsey Buchanan


    Yes I use hand and foot cream on a regular basis. I use soap and glory at the moment as I got them as a gift.

  • Rich Hill


    I don't use foot cream - even I don't want to go near my feet! My wife uses hand & foot cream regularly though.

  • Tracy K Nixon


    I use Dove hand cream all the time but must confess to only using foot and heel cream when I suddely realise Summer is approaching (sandal weather) and then I panic and start applying it in order to soften my heels! I usually use Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream along with my pumis stone!

  • jayne hall


    inormally forget to usethem idohave e45

  • jules eley


    I use coconut oil I like using natural products :)

  • Beverley Cousins


    I use both, as your hands and feet are the main part of your body, they are always being used..

  • Katie skeoch


    My soap & glory hand food & foot cream!

  • Spencer Broadley


    I use cream for my feet because they seem to dry out easily and get flaky if I don't moisturise them

  • Victoria Prince


    I don't use cream on a regular basis, but I could do with doing so on my hands!

  • Anita hargreaves


    I don't use foot cream because my feet persecute x

  • Jade


    I use both but hand cream more often.

  • Kelly L


    At the moment I am using one from the Green company!

  • Michelle Hughes


    I love Lush hand cream helping hands

  • Paula Barker


    I use a mandarin and honey hand cream morning and night, but unfortunately the heels only get attention in the summer!

  • Pia Stephens


    I'm horrible in remembering to use any and then I get cracked fingers and painful cuts, should really try to moisture especially my hands more often as I'm doing dishes so many times a day (3 little ones), I have a lovely bottle of Babyblooms hand lotion which I try to put on once in a while x

  • Tim Woolfenden


    My wife uses hand creams and foot creams from various Big Brand Companies but I'm sure she would love to try these ..

  • Tina Holmes


    I've just started the use Lush one it's really lovely

  • Jo McPherson


    I use the White Company's hand cream - but only ocassionally

  • Karensalisbury



  • Lorraine Duff


    i have really dry hands, i like Neutrogena hand cream but i usually forget to moisturise :D

  • Patricia Avery


    As a treat I love to use Sanctuary Spa but mostly its either Johnsons baby lotion or good old Nivea whichever I grab first :)

  • David Crabb


    My wife deserves as many treats as I can buy or win so I'm really trying to win for her. I do use skin cream myself but am not welded to any specific brand

  • Natalie Crossan


    Just Nivea xx

  • Patricia Whittaker


    I use Neutragena on both my hands and feet

  • Jeanette Davenport


    I use nivea hand cream on my hands occasionally.

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