If you have a busy life surely that must equate to burning CO2, powering through resources and living a disposable life? Is it possible to be a busy mum while also being mindful of the damage you inflict on the world? Some would doubt this but let us look into tactics that could help us, including eco-friendly products. Maybe organic food, buying local and having a smarter home?

For any mum out there one of the most damaging products you can buy for a significant amount of years is the humble nappy! All these stinking bad boys are on their way to landfill and there is nothing you can do! The re-usable nappy has had a hard press over the years but improvements in design have now put them in the bracket of something which could be considered. The biggest drawback is that you will still have to wash elements of the nappy despite having removable aspects. Making this choice is easier than ever but it’s still doubtful whether it’s worth the time investment for a busy mum.

Away from the thorny nappy issue there are several eco-friendly products out there including dishwasher tablets that are ecologically friendly – surely a dishwasher symbolises the short cut to a busy lifestyle and laziness above all! There are a range of products at ethical superstore where you can purchase tablets as well as fabric conditioner and washing up liquids. But the busy mums lifestyle isn’t always focused on washing duties so what about a more eco-friendly home?

Again there are multiple options such as free insulation to new home heating systems. Many households are eligible for insulation as well as helps towards new heating systems. You can browse some of the great new products at VeriSmart and you may be impressed with how advanced the technology has become and also the relative cost effectiveness of this.

So far we have considered heating the home, nappies and the essential household chores that are part and parcel of daily life, but what about buying local? Do you really have the time to compare, contrast and pick up local produce as opposed as a sweep round Aldi? Farm shops are a good option as they provide local produce and meat locally to you and their costs may well be cheaper if you buy loose produce – it is rare now to buy loose items in supermarkets and this creates excess food which is good for no one.

In essence you can become eco-friendly as well as maintain your busy lifestyle but rather than turn into Superwoman overnight I would advise choosing one of the above and seeing if it’s convenient to you. At that point you can always become more ecologically aware and balance the time and cost too.


Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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