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When I was little, my parents had one of those label makers that had a dial with letters around the edges, and a roll of red tape. you moved the dial around and stamped each letter into the red tape. We called it the ladybird, and my mum kept it at the back of a drawer; we weren’t supposed to touch it. I remember wasting a lot of that red plastic tape while my mum wasn’t looking, punching the wrong letters into my labels!

Just recently, we were sent a Brother H105 hand held printer to review. My inner child/label geek was very excited when it arrived. I was immediately 8 years old again, sneaking into the living room drawer to make a label for one of my toys. Except now, I didn’t have to sneak! Now, the label maker was mine. All mine!

As soon as it arrived, I put in the required 6 AAA batteries (you can buy a mains adaptor separately if required), switched it on, and set to labelling my possessions.

labelling plugs

First, I labelled plugs. People on social media laughed, but I never accidentally unplug my router to do the hoovering.(not just because I never hoover)

The great thing about this label maker – other than the obvious fact it’s no longer 1986 and you can delete the odd wrong letter – is that you can change the spacing, the font size, switch between upper and lower case, and you can choose from a range of templates that give your labels that little extra pizzazz. (yes, I used the work pizzazz. Deal with it)

Now that S is older and in the pre-school room at nursery, she wants to bring her toys and games to nursery with her. So I’m having great fun labelling all of her toys so that they don’t get lost. After all, as S’s keyworker loves to say, you need to name it to claim it!

I’ve also labelled bags of Christmas presents so that I know whose gifts are where. And storage jars in the kitchen. And bags of food before they go into the freezer. And S. Every time she sees me using it, she wants a label with her name on it. And after Christmas, I’ve a feeling we’ll have a field day with labelling all S’s new toys!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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