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We love to have personalised calendars in this house; now that S is older she loves to turn the page on a calendar and see a photo of herself smiling back at her! They’re a fantastic gift to give to family at this time of year too. 

We ordered three different types of personalised photo calendar from Snapfish. The first was the desk calendar you see above.

personalised desk calendar from snapfish

The calendar was easily personalised; it’s easy to change the background, how many photos to have on each page and what design the photos should be in.

snapfish personalised calendar

S enjoyed helping to choose photos, which were a mixture of Instagram pictures and family photos taken with my cameral. You can caption your months as well, so for May we wished De Af a happy birthday – as that’s her birthday month!

personalised snapfish desk calendar

This square design is perfect for Instagram photos!

Snapfish personalised calendar

Next we decided to make a calendar for Nanna for Christmas. I love that the photo covers almost all of the front cover; it was easy to move around and to see exactly how it would look when printed. We were also able to personalise the text and font.

photo calendar

Again, the backgrounds on this were easily changed and there was a choice of photo shape/size to use for each page.

photo calendar

Again, we used a mixture of Instagram pictures and family shots taken with my camera for this calendar. 

poster calendar snapfish

Finally, we decided to have a go at making a poster calendar. This one was super easy and I’m really pleased with the result.

poster calendar snapfish

The poster itself is high-quality photo paper, which is why you can see glare on it. 

To make this design we selected certain photos from our existing album and had the website automatically populate a design. We shuffled them about a bit, told it which one we wanted to be the main image, and let it do its thing.

Snapfish personalised photo calendar

We’ve put this one on the side of our fridge, where S can see it every day. She loves to point out photos of her every time she passes it.

I enjoyed using the Snapfish site to create these calendars; it was simple to use and all three calendars were customisable to our tastes.

By far the best part of this experience was how quickly the calendars arrived, once we’d placed our order.  They arrived much more quickly than I was expecting. 

Right now (until December 6th) you can get up to 70% off calendars. It’s the perfect time to get a Christmas gift or two sewn up!

Purchase your personalised photo calendar here

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