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Goal for last week

Last week’s goal was to have Shakeology every day… I have to say, I failed. I don’t even have an excuse. I think possibly because it’s very sweet, and I tend to like to have savoury foods for breakfast. I did have it a few days though – and on those days I did feel more energetic.

Goal for this week

This week’s goal is to try again with the Shakeology. Same as last week, but with more determination!


I worked out most days this week. I had a couple of days where my hernia was playing up, and I couldn’t really do much. I’m happy with what I achieved though.


I am still doing intermitent fasting, but this week it dawned on me that I’m eating an offensive amount of crap. Not only is that really bad for me (and the scales), it’s making me feel awful. I’m tired all the time and have been getting headaches which I am sure are related to my sugar consumption. Time to cut back again I think!

Weight & Measurements

Weight 159.6lb Same as last week
Bust: 36″ Same as last week
R Arm: 12″ Same as last week
L Arm: 12″ Same as last week
Waist: 34″ Same as last week
Hips: 38″ Same as last week
R Thigh: 21″. Same as last week
L Thigh: 21″. Same as last week

Hmm. All the same as last week. I really need to sort out my food!


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