Miffy has a new TV show on Tiny Pop, which is quite exciting. S and I took a look, to see what we thought. The lovely people at Tiny Pop sent us a goodie bag, to help us on our way. As you can see, the Miffy ears went down well!

Miffy ears

I loved Miffy books as a child and was delighted to see they’re still around – and that Miffy now has her own TV show! We watched an episode called Miffy and the Dragon, in which Miffy’s Uncle Pilot comes to visit. He tells her he’s brought her a surprise present, “something to do with dragons” – and she and her friend Melanie think it must be a dragon egg. They make it a nest and sing it a song to encourage it to hatch… eventually Uncle Pilot comes along to tell her it’s actually a dragon fruit!

S loved watching the show, and has really taken to watching Miffy whenever possible. The book we were sent in our goodie bag currently resides in her bed!

I love that the TV show so closely resembles the books – both visually and in the storytelling. The stories are simple and easy for children to understand, and the colours and scenery are plain and simple just like the books. These days children’s TV shows are so over-produced, with all sorts of 3D and CGI. Even Bob the Builder has had some sort of awful makeover to make him look more like a real builder. I love that Miffy has stayed exactly the same as she looked in her first book, sixty years ago. It makes her instantly recognisable not just for children but their parents and grandparents too.

Miffy is available on Tiny Pop every day at 7:30am and 7pm. You can find Tiny Pop on Freeview 126, Sky 617, Virgin Media 737 and Freesat 605.


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