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As the seasons change, I look to my feet and think: aww, crap; what am I going to wear?!

I went through most of the summer wearing a gorgeous pair of Hey Dude shoes I was sent for a review. S went through the summer in a gorgeous pair of Minions trainers a friend made for her, some Clarks Doodles, some pink sandles and a pair of purple trainers.

Now the weather is cold and wet and generally pants, S has two pairs of Minions trainers, some leather shoes, her Doodles (which she insists on wearing even in the rain), and of course her wellies. I have… the trainers I bought for indoor workouts and some smart ankle boots I bought for work-type things. S even has a beautiful shoe stand on which to store her shoes – while mine are usually somewhere on the living room floor!

We both have slippers to wear around the house, but S’s seem to need replacing twice as often as mine – they’re worn out rather than having been grown out, despite being more expensive than mine in the first place!

Now winter is coming (and Christmas, obviously) we’re looking at footwear for colder weather. I have a pair of snow boots I bought for a winter trip to Poland around seven years ago; I’ll probably just wear those on the very cold days. S is a growing girl though; the shoes that saw her through last winter are long gone. So we’ve been looking at winter shoes and boots to see which ones she might like. She’s been eyeing up a gorgeous pair of boots in Jones the Bootmaker.

I was talking to my sister in law about this the other day: when you’re parent, you feed and clothe your child first, and you get whatever’s left over. I saw a picture on social media the other day which showed a beautiful children’s lunch plate with a sandwich cut into a shape, apple slices and all sorts of nonsense – then the parent’s plate: the edges of the cute cut-out sandwich, the remains of the apple and so on. We do that, don’t we! 

And so I will probably (hopefully) find a way to buy those boots for S, and the trainers I bought for indoor workouts will become my winter shoes. And you know what? I don’t much care. Because I have S, and she has me, and the world won’t end if I don’t get a new pair of winter boots. Plus, she’ll look so cute in them!

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