When I was asked to review the Gynoii baby monitor, my first response was that we didn’t need a baby monitor; S is 3 now, and I don’t need to listen out for her at night like I did when she was tiny. But then I looked at their website, and I changed my tune!

Many baby monitors are glorified walky talkies – they leave an open channel so that you can hear if your baby makes a sound. The Gynoii is a different kettle of fish entirely!

The Gynoii is based on a wifi connection. You download an app to your phone and use that to control the monitor – which is a web cam that you can stand on a table or attach to the bed or cot with a clip attachment. Once the app on your mobile is synced with the camera, you can stream video and audio straight to your mobile. 

Here’s a great example of a time lapse video made using the Gynoii:


You can take photos and time lapse video with the device, and they are stored directly to your mobile. You can also use the app to play one of several “lullaby” type tunes to your baby through the device or to download your own to play, and to talk to them through it if you like. You can also easily share photos and video directly from the app to your social media if required.


Once it’s set up, you can use more than one monitor with the app on your mobile – for example if you have two children you want to keep an eye on – or you can have several apps with access to the same monitor – for example, yourself and your partner, or the babysitter – all they do is download the app and login. Guest users can view the camera, but they’re not able to change settings – and you can disable their access at any point if required.

As well as taking photos and videos and play music or talk to your child, you can also program the app to ping you a notification if it detects sound or motion – and you can adjust the sensitivity of that so that it’s not set off by a breeze or noise from outside. 

I’ll be honest; as S is a little older, I’ve not used this monitor so much to keep an eye on her as she sleeps; it’s really handy if she wants to play in her room, and doesn’t want me loitering in the door way! I can set it up on top of her wardrobe and leave her to play on her own – thus fostering her independence – but still keep an eye out to make sure she’s safe and not trying to climb the curtains or something. It’s great for that and allows me to watch her playing, without my presence influencing her play – she’s completely uninhibited and plays happily!

You can buy the Gynoii Smart Baby Monitor from Little Pumpkin here.

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Vicky Charles

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Mummy's Blog · 23/11/2015 at 19:25

I’m such a worrier, I really regretted not having a video monitor with my 1st. I’d love to have one for my 2nd baby, but whether we could afford one is another matter! I like your idea of watching your little one play, it would be handy for me to do that with my toddler when I’m in the kitchen, so I didn’t have to keep checking on her every five seconds x

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