Hartley's Fruit WhipWe were sent a fun kit to try out the new Hartley’s Fruit Whip pudding. S has really been enjoying helping in the kitchen lately so this was perfect timing!

cutting fruit shapes

First we cut some banana slices into shapes. We had some melon too, but the decision was taken to use only bananas for this particular creation.

banana shapes

We did make an awful lot of banana shapes though; S enjoyed this part because it meant we could all eat the leftover pieces.

licking whisk

Making the actual pudding was fairly easy; you just whisk the contents of the sachet into some milk and then pour into a bowl. It sets really quickly so there’s no waiting around – or in my case oh crap, I had that thing to make for pudding but we’re already eating dinner and I’ve only just remembered.

Of course, the best part of anything involving whisks is the bit where you get to lick the mixture off the whisk!

Once we’d poured the mixture into a glass, it set straight away and we could get on with the serious business of decorating our pudding.

decorating hartleys fruit whip

Decorating a pudding is a very serious business, as you can tell. We also added in some white chocolate buttons because… well, ya know.

hartleys fruit whip creation

Ta-dah! S was very pleased with her creation and the clever way she decorated it. and of course, because the pudding set so quickly and was ready to eat… we were ready for the most important part of any culinary adventure.

Hartley's fruit whip taste test

Unfortunately I can’t tell you how it tasted… S was not prepared to share!


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