When I was offered a free canvas print for review, I wasn’t sure whether to accept it. Firstly, because I live in a very old building with very rubbish walls that basically won’t hold a nail – so I can’t put any pictures on the wall! But more importantly, because a couple of months ago I bought a canvas print for my mum’s birthday – from a fairly well known company – and it was a bit wobbly.

My sister in law takes amazing photos though. It helps that her kids are gorgeous, but I do think she has an eye for a good picture. So I went to her and asked if she would like to get one of her photos printed onto a canvas. I told her, “this is not a company I know much about, so I can’t guarantee the quality…”

We chose an image and ordered the print… and when it arrived, I have to say I kicked myself a bit! Here is the print:



Gorgeous photo, right? That’s not what I was kicking myself about though. I’m kicking myself because it’s actually a really good quality print and frame. Not at all wobbly.

Here’s a photo of the back of the frame:


It’s much more sturdy than the rather expensive canvas print I bought for my mum. I could have kept the print for myself, and propped it up on the shelf where I’ve photographed this one!

This print is from The Canvas Prints, and their prices start at £10.80.  I think I might treat myself!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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