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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-10-15

Reasons to be Cheerful


Hello! Are you having a fantabulous week?

Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:


Toucan Boxes – S has been poorly for what seems like forever. This weekend she swung from jumping up and down to laying on the sofa under a blanket, whimpering – approximately every ten minutes. Or that’s how it felt any way. Luckily, my sister was on hand to sit down with her and do some craft. We had a couple of Toucan Boxes in the cupboard, so they made a bird feeder and a wind sock to go with the fish and the lamp already on the shelf. I love them because they come with everything you need to make whatever you’re doing. Even paint brushes and glue. S loves them. You can get a free taster box here. We get a Petite Box; I think they come about twice a month so we save them for rainy weekends or poorly days off when De Af comes round to play. It’s their little thing to do together, and I’m not sure which of them enjoys them most.

My Sister – she’s been a bloody legend lately. She was meant to look after S before and after nursery on Tuesday, but S was poorly so I ended up not going to the event I had been invited to – which was not great. I felt S was too poorly to leave either at nursery or with my sister all day though, so I took her to the GP. By the afternoon, she had magically perked up – but I seemed to have caught what she had been suffering with the day before (when she came home from nursery early). My sister spent the afternoon playing with S, and sent me to bed to lie down for an hour or so while she gave her tea. What a bloomin’ legend!

Friends – We are expecting a visit from Big S soon – which is especially exciting since she has produced a baby since the last time we saw her! She lives a couple of hours away an since I don’t drive it’s a bit tricky to visit her (potty training and trains are not a winning combo). Also S has been invited to two birthday parties next month, and a lovely friend – the mum of one of the children having a party – has offered us a lift to both parties. Phew!

How is your week going? What are you grateful for today?



Reasons to be Cheerful

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  • Ojo Henley


    I hope S is feeling better now, your sister is a legend. I have spoken to you IRL and know exactly how much you appreciate her! Have an awesome catch up with your friend xx Ojo Henley recently posted...A Month of Honesty: Day 13 & 14My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      Thanks Jo! She's definitely on the mend, and you're right - I could not cope without my sister!

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