7 Things To Do With Apples

applesLast week, I bought some apples to use in making mincemeat. When I posted a photo on Facebook, a friend commented to say she had a bag of apples from her tree, and did we want them. I jumped at the chance, of course – you can’t beat a proper, organic apple that’s come straight from the tree and not via a chilled stock room!

The thing I’d forgotten was that I had an Ocado delivery coming later that day… and I had ordered apples. And we already had a few apples in the house, since S likes to eat them for almost every meal.

Basically, our house is Apple Central right now. And so, in honour of this, here are 7 things you can do with apples:

1. Stewing – Stewed apples are gorgeous, and there’s no end to what you can do with them. I like to stew up a big batch of them, put them in weaning pots and freeze them. One pot is just the perfect amount to add to a batch of pancakes or porridge in the mornings. Not to mention spread on toast, used as apple sauce for a meal, plopped into a bowl of custard… Yum!

2. Porridge – But what if you want to make some porridge, but you’ve run out of stewed apples? No problem! Simply slice or grate an apple straight into your porridge!

3. Mincemeat – We made slow cooker mincemeat over the weekend, and it tastes amazing. You don’t even need to peel the apples; it’s really easy!

4. Add Them to Bread – I love this recipe for Apple Soda Bread from A Girl Called Jack. It’s really simple to make with no messing around, and tastes delicious.

apple soda bread

5. In a Salad – I’m really into the whole sweet/savoury thing, and apples in salad are the perfect way to celebrate such a thing.

6. Apple Cake – At the weekend, we made apple cake from Jack Monroe’s first book, A Girl Called Jack. It’s one of the easiest recipes in the world, and S really enjoyed joining in. Some of you may have seen photos of her with her head in the bowl! We made another batch of batter, but made muffins instead – and they are just as delicious. 



7. Apple Crumble – Durr, I couldn’t make a list of apple recipes and not include this classic! We’ve not made apple crumble yet, but I’m fairly sure it will happen soon!

Of course, with all of these things listed, the best thing to do with an apple is just to eat it – am I right?

We still have a lot of apples left over, and we don’t want to see them go to waste! Do you have any suggestions of great apple recipes?


7 Things to do with Apples

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