Goal for last week

Last week’s goal was to do some forward planning. I half managed that! I did take sensible food with me to my client’s office, but I was also a bit ill last week. For two days I barely had a voice and was drinking cough syrup like it was going out of fashion. I also have a tendency, when feeling ill, to think “well I’m ill so it doesn’t matter what I eat” – or variations of that.

Goal for this week

Now that I’m feeling lots better, my goal for this week is to get back into things properly, and to get back to drinking at least 2 litres of water every day.


Another week of loving  PiYo! This week I gave myself a couple of days off because I was feeling rough. Also even on the days when I did exercise, I feel like at least two days I was dialing it in and not working as hard as I could – and kept stopping to cough and swear!

On the plus side, yesterday morning I did a routine I’d not done for a couple of weeks and I did find it easier… perhaps not easier – it was still bloody hard – but I felt like I was better at it, and even joined in with burpees, which was a good feeling (afterwards).


This week I’ve been experimenting with cutting down the number of hours in the day when I eat. I wrote in this post about how I only eat between 11 and 7; this week I’ve been reading some of Sara Solomon’s stuff, and watching her videos. For me, I find that once I start eating during a day, it’s like opening a floodgate and I want to keep on eating – so I’ve been looking into the idea of shortening one’s eating window during the day. I’m not sure I could do it every day, but I’m considering perhaps once or twice a week cutting right back, and perhaps even fasting all day every once in a while. Of course, none of this is any good if the food I am eating is rubbish, and I really need to work on that.

Then again, we went to Pizza Hut with friends for lunch on Saturday and I seem to have fallen out of the habit of eating that much bread/junk. I spent the rest of the day feeling over-full (despite only having 2 slices of pizza) and am sure the bloating from that affected my weight and measurements yesterday morning as I still felt rubbish when I got up. Or I’m making an excuse. Either way, between this and the shocking service, we won’t be going back to Pizza Hut for a while.

Weight & Measurements

Weight 161.4lb Lsat week: 160.8lb. 0.6lb on.
Bust: 36″ Same as last week
R Arm: 12″ Same as last week
L Arm: 12″ Same as last week
Waist: 34″ Last week: 34.5″. Half an inch off!
Hips: 38″ Same as last week
R Thigh: 21″. Last week: 21.5″. Half an inch off!
L Thigh: 21″. Last week: 21.5″. Half an inch off!

I’m surprised to have taken half an inch off each leg – especially when I took half an inch off last week too. I do feel like my waist measurement and my weight may have been affected by eating at Pizza Hut on Saturday but I suppose the only way to tell is to wait until next week and see how things look then.

On the whole I’m pleased as I know I’ve not had the best week being ill, and I’ve not put on loads of weight or inches so I’m counting this as a win!



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Vicky Charles

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Morgan Prince · 23/09/2015 at 14:03

Go YOU! You’re doing so well, I’m really impressed. I think the fact that you felt full after that Pizza Hut just goes to show how hard you’ve been working. :) #BloggingtoJogging

    Vicky Charles · 23/09/2015 at 18:50

    Thanks Morgan, I’m really enjoying this!

Sam Kersley · 23/09/2015 at 22:13

Well done you for even trying to work out while feeling rough. When I feel ill I don’t do anything but also feel like it’s an excuse to eat what I want.
I eat far too much this evening and feel bloated and over full. Sometimes I think it’s good to shock your body with a bit of junk where you feel over full, as it makes you want to be really good after, well that’s normally how it works with me.
Kepp up the hard work your doing well.

Vanessa Holburn · 24/09/2015 at 23:10

I love the idea of shortening the ‘eating window’ – and starting out by just doing a couple of days a week. I tend to have a bit of a binge when I’m making the kids lunches – often it starts with a carrots but gathers momentum! I’m not very good with willpower so just doing it a couple of days sounds like the right level to pitch at! Hope you feel better soon! #BloggingToJogging

Mummymelton · 01/10/2015 at 10:32

It’s hard when you feel ill. I’m the same, I usually end up eating terribly as I feel sorry for myself. Glad you’re feeling better. Thanks for linking up with #FitnessFriday

    Vicky Charles · 04/10/2015 at 20:26

    Thanks, I’ve been ill again this week – perhaps I need to improve my diet and boost my immune system!

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