Anyone who follows me here or on social media will know that our summer was mostly made up of barons. We really enjoyed the Barons Trail, and we were quite sad when they left. For several days whenever we walked past a site that had once been the home of a baron, we would stop and talk about how he was no longer there.

And then, we found them all hiding out in an empty shop around the corner from our house… and one of them was having a touch-up!


Every day on our way home from the shops, we would stop at this window to see the barons. And then last Wednesday morning when we looked for them… they were gone!

I knew they were heading to the Cathedral Close for one last week together before being auctioned off, so we headed off to see if we could find them.

I wish I’d managed to get a photo of S’s face as we walked along the path into the Close. I had said to her, “keep looking, and let me know if you spot a baron.” When she spotted them all lined up on the grass, she began pointing and shouting, “BARONS!”


It was 9am and the fire service were still there fixing the barons onto their plinths. The sun was shining behind the cathedral and it was an absolutely gorgeous day.


We had a fantastic time inspecting them all, saying hello to them and making sure they were all ok. And jumping, obviously.


I’m gutted to have cut the bottom off this photo; the sun was so bright I actually couldn’t really see what I was photographing!


After checking all the barons were definitely ok, we also had a good old run around on the grass before wandering about the cloisters of the cathedral. And then there was more running about on the grass…


Most of the time we spent on the grass was S jumping, dancing and running, and me trying to take photos of her. Because we don’t have a garden, when she comes across a large, empty piece of grass on a sunny autumn morning, she really can’t help herself: she needs to make the most of it!


The barons are on display in the Cathedral Close until Wednesday 30th September. On Thursday 1st October they will be auctioned off to raise funds for the Trussell Trust… and S and I will be more than a little bereft!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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