When the lovely people at House of Fraser  offered to send us a toy from their extensive collection, we knew exactly what to go for: a Toot Toot Drivers set! S already had an airport and a car park tower, but as it happens, there is no such thing as too much Toot Toot Drivers track. So we requested the police station. And we were not disappointed… er… I mean, S was not disappointed!


The kit didn’t come with an aeroplane or car; they’re just queueing up to get onto the orange roundabout and have some fun. The helicopter hiding inside the tower is also an excited extra.


You’ll have to excuse the blur on this photo, but the orange roundabout is so exciting, S couldn’t stay still. It propels the police car around and around, until you move the barrier and then it’s propelled off and down the road. Fantastic entertainment… for a three year old, I mean.


Sometimes, one of the other vehicles tries to get in on the spinny-roundy action, and then the police car has to put him in his place.


Sometimes the putting-in-place can get a bit heated.


… But then the police car gets back to the serious business of going around and around and around…


… But wait, then the police car is forced to defend his position against another impostor! And while his back is turned, the van has sneaked in!

The drama continued to unfold for the next twenty minutes; it was like a brightly-coloured, cheerful version of Eastenders!


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