When it comes to gadgets, we’ve all fallen prey to false advertising. Do you really need this? And can we

really live without that?

But not all gadgets are like this: some really can improve both your homes and your health. Here, we take a

look at three vital gadgets for improving your lifestyle:

1. Dehumidifiers 

What is a dehumidifier?

It draws damp air from the room in and wrings the moisture content out of it. The moisture collects in a

small chamber which will periodically need changing.

How does it help?

Small living spaces and poor ventilation make damp a prevalent problem. A dehumidifier reduces the

health risks associated with damp by keeping the moisture content in the air lower. Damp not only gives

off an unpleasant smell but it can be incredibly dangerous to your health (especially for young children and

vulnerable adults) and is strongly linked to respiratory illnesses.

Many common allergy triggers, such as dust mites and mildew, also rely on humid temperatures.

Dehumidifiers tackle the problem of household allergens by eliminating the factors that help keep them


2. Body clock light alarms

What is a body clock light alarm?

It’s a dawn-simulating alarm clock that wakes you by gradually increasing the light in the room.

How does it help?

Being rudely awoken by an abrupt and noisy alarm clock every morning can put people in a bad mood

before the day even starts. The gently brightening light gives your body a natural cue to reduce the

hormones which encourage sleep and increase the levels of cortisol (designed to keep you awake and

alert), allowing you to wake up feeling more refreshed and thus have a more productive day.

3. Lifespan treadmill desk

What is a lifespan treadmill desk?

The lifespan treadmill desk is the ultimate in healthy lifestyle gadgets and has numerous health benefits for

office workers, students or people who spend a long time sitting at a desk. It combines the practicalities of

a desk with the health benefits of a treadmill.

How does it help?

If you’re worried about what long periods of sitting at a desk are doing to your health but don’t have the

time to exercise then this brilliant gadget could be the answer to your prayers. With an adjustable desktop

height, as well as varying treadmill speeds, it allows you to reap the health benefits of increased exercise

(like keeping your heart healthy, boosting your immune system as well as making you happier) while you

get on with your daily work.

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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Ryan · 20/04/2017 at 17:46

These are all great gadgets! I just recently placed a dehumidifier in our home and it has really made a difference since I suffer with allergies all season all! Thanks for sharing!

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