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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-09-24

Reasons to be Cheerful


Well hello! how the devil are you?

Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

Going on the Today Show – Yesterday I went to the BBC to take part in a panel discussion with John Humphrys about Jeremy Corbyn. I was asked to take part as they wanted opinions of “real” people who are affected by government policies. I think the show will be aired on Saturday morning. I’m really pleased to have been asked to take part in the discussion.

The return of the barons! – Anyone who follows this blog will know how obsessed we have been with the barons around Salisbury this summer. They were taken away a couple of weeks ago, and have been hiding in an empty shop down the road from us – which was fun to go and see! We knew they were coming back to the cathedral lawn for a week starting yesterday, so we had breakfast and headed out. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and S almost exploded when she spotted them, all lined up. We had a really fabulous morning in the close, visiting with the barons and looking around the cathedral cloisters. We even went to see the Magna Carta – though S was more impressed with the blue velvet curtain behind it!

De Af – Yesterday, I went to a BBC talk with John Humphrys. This evening, I’m giving a presentation about blogging. Next month I’m going to a blogging event in Winchester, a PR event in London and an entrepreneurship event in Bristol. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without my sister, who looks after S for me and allows me to go off knowing S is 100% safe but also that she is having a fantastic time. They go to the park, they play with her toys, they draw pictures and S loves every minute of it. I am very lucky. And I’m screwed when De Af begins her new job soon and is no longer available a the drop of a hat to look after S for me.





How is your week going? What are you grateful for today?



Reasons to be Cheerful

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