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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-09-03


Reasons to be Cheerful

What a week! On Monday evening all of the plug sockets in the downstairs of my house blew. After two hours of unplugging literally everything in the house, pulling out the washing machine and grubbing about under the cupboard, I admitted defeat and ran a massive extension lead down from S’s bedroom to keep the fridge running until my landlord could get an electrician round. Then I stretched the wire for the wifi across the room… and found that it wasn’t working. It keeps dropping out, and TalkTalk won’t send someone to fix it until next Wednesday (we are currently in negotiations). And to top it all off, this website keeps going down, and even the tech support guys in the States don’t really know why.

BUT there are still reasons to be cheerful!

My Favourite Cafe/Restaurant – If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed we’re always at a certain local eating establishment. It’s S’s favourite place to go and it’s only on the next block to us. More importantly, they also have free Wifi, and I’ve taken up residence in their window seat. they also do a mean all day breakfast.

PiYo – I’m really enjoying doing my daily exercise routine; I’ve started doing it in the morning and I find it really sets me up for a positive start to the day. I’m feeling very positive and motivated at the moment!

Back to School – Ok, so we have a year before S starts school, and nobody else close to me is going back to school – but for me September always feels like a time to start new things, to be more productive and to learn. And I like that!






How is your week going? What are you grateful for today?



Reasons to be Cheerful

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