dress-shoppingApparently, this weekend it is going to rain in my neck of the woods. Normally that’s an excuse to curl up on the sofa with The Lion King or Toy Story and enjoy some toddler cuddles.

Not this weekend, though. This weekend, my sister’s two children are being christened. In a church. With lots of family people there.

I don’t even remember the last time I went to a christening. What do you even wear to such things?

I mean, my standard mum uniform for most of the summer has been a pair of skinny jeans or cropped jeans, and a sniff-tested t shirt. I think christening outfits require more than just sniff-testing, don’t they? I’m assuming it’s all pastel colours and beatific smiles. Do you wear hats to these things? I hope not. Though perhaps if I wore a hat, I wouldn’t have to worry about my hair…

Obviously I’m working really hard today, but I have been having a little look at dresses to see if there’s anything I could bear to wear that wouldn’t look too bad. I hate dress shopping. I mean, really loathe it. This is probably the first time since S was born that I’ve started looking online for clothes for myself and not ended up just going to the kidswear section. Children are so easy to buy for, aren’t they. It’ll either fit, or it’ll be too big and she’ll grow into it.

Oh, poop… what do children wear to christenings?

And how the hell do I get S to wear something appropriate? Perhaps if I let her wear her Minion t shirt underneath her dress…

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