This is my daily journal, which I have begun writing to keep myself focused and accountable.

I do not expect anyone else to read this!




  • I am grateful for a fantastic day yesterday, where I got to spend quality time with S as well as to spend the afternoon at the BBC doing a panel piece for Radio 4’s Today Show. I’m so lucky to be able to leave S with my sister and know she’s safe and happy.
  • I am grateful for a recently discovered confidence that allowed me to volunteer to do a presentation about blogging this evening.
  • I am grateful to have met so many wonderful people through the blogging community.
  • I am grateful for this extra 90 minutes each morning before S gets up, so that I can be present with her when she does wake.
  • I am grateful to be able to do my workout each morning
  • I am grateful to live in the centre of a lovely city but still have peace and quiet and be undisturbed.


  • Yesterday we were up much earlier than we usually are on a day off.
  • Yesterday we went to the Close to see the barons and had a lovely morning together. Often on a day off it’s 11am before we leave the house but we were out before 9.
  • Up at 5:30 this morning despite really being tempted to switch the alarm off and roll over.
  • Finished reading a book (review to follow)


  • Today I want to try and get up to date and as ahead of myself as much as possible.
  • I want to do more work on the training course I’ve been doing
  • I want to brainstorm blog posts and put a plan in place as well as scheduling as many posts as possible beforehand
  • I need to walk up to the sorting office as they have a package for me – which I hope will be my (third) new router and my internet issues will finally be resolved!

I feel like this week has been fairly hectic so far. I usually have all day from 8-5 on a Tuesday to work on my own things but this Tuesday I was with a client for the entire day (I do that twice a month; it throws me every time). On a Wednesday it’s usualy our day off and we laze about or go somewhere, but I have a little time to get bits and bobs done in our down time. This Wednesday we spent the morning out and about but in the afternoon I took an 80-minute taxi ride to Swindon to take part in a radio panel show before another 80-minute taxi ride home. It was a fantastic experience and I had a great morning with S beforehand, but now I feel a bit like I’m on the back foot. I need to nail my to do list today and try to take some things off tomorrow’s as well.


My aim is to be well ahead of myself with my work and blogging as at the moment, between gallivanting and my crappy internet connection, I have over 100 unread emails and I know there are several blog posts outstanding – which is stressing me! Next month is shaping up to be fairly hectic so I want to make sure I’m on the ball and don’t drop anything!

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