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Daily Journal 2015-09-21

This is my daily journal, which I have begun writing to keep myself focused and accountable.

I do not expect anyone else to read this!




  • I am grateful for finally having a reliable internet connection, after almost a month with it dropping out!
  • I am grateful for being awake early enough to do a long PiYo session this morning.
  • I am grateful for a lovely weekend with my little pickle.


  • Up at 5am to work out; I managed to do the “Drench” session all the way through for the first time ever and now feel like I’ve been wrung out!
  • Managed to be calm with S when she kept me awake from 3:30am, wriggling and stroking my arm.
  • Meditated for ten minutes and kept focus for most of it


  • Today I have a lot of work to do in order to have tomorrow free.
  • This week’s podcast must be recorded and edited today
  • Taking S to see the Barons in the Close after nursery

Today I have to do as much as possible of the work I would normally stretch over a Monday and a Tuesday, as I’m out most of tomorrow. I also need to read up on Jeremy Corbyn as I’ve been asked to go on the Today Show to talk about him and don’t want to look like an idiot!

Most importantly, we’re going to see the Barons in the Close after nursery. They’re only there a week so I want to make the most of it!

Vicky is a single mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. You can find her blogging, business and social media tips at VickyCharles.com.

  • Debra


    It's actually really cool to see a post like this. I try and make a habit of regularly thinking about and writing down what I am not only wanting to do in the day but also what I'm thankful for. Nice and positive :) Debra recently posted...A Day on my Plate #1My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      Ah thanks Debra! I don't write it daily at the moment, just on the days when I'm up early in the mornings.

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