This is my daily journal, which I have begun writing to keep myself focused and accountable.

I do not expect anyone else to read this!




  • I am grateful for my sister who spent most of yesterday with us and played with S when I was too frazzled.
  • I am grateful for the fact that right now, it’s not raining
  • I am grateful for a good night’s sleep with S


  • I finally went and bought new trainers
  • I cleared out a lot of S’s clothes yesterday so that we’re not drowning in ill fitting t shirts any longer.
  • I managed to get through some of my email backlog (caused by broadband not working) yesterday


  • Lots to do today; plan is to prioritise and eat that frog!
  • Have fun with S before and after nursery
  • Tidy at least one area.

I think my voice has completely gone; I’m hoping once I’ve had lots of warm water it’ll make a comeback. Today I need to get lots done but als I want to be upstairs in bed reading by 9pm as S has been waking around 9 most evenings lately and I’m hoping if I’m right next to her when she stirs I can get her back to sleep without there being an hour of crying and Dr Seuss dvds – and therefore break the habit. A tall order, but not impossible!

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