This is my daily journal, which I have begun writing to keep myself focused and accountable.

I do not expect anyone else to read this!




  • I am so grateful for wonderful friends and the fantastic afternoon we had yesterday
  • I am grateful for a lie in after S was up for a large part of the night
  • I am grateful to have been approached to speak at an event later this month.


  • We didn’t do much of note yesterday – which is an achievement in itself!
  • I did manage to do some work on the book in the early morning though
  • I finally joined Slack, which one of my WhatsApp groups moved over to a couple of days ago. Am loving it.


  • Plan for today is to go to my niece and nephew’s christening.
  • Schedule some emails, do some boring maintenance on the blog and other things
  • Schedule posts for tomorrow
  • Remember that since I’m out all day Tuesday, I’ll need to get two days worth of work done tomorrow.



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Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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