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Daily Journal 2015-09-12

This is my daily journal, which I have begun writing to keep myself focused and accountable.

I do not expect anyone else to read this!




  • I am grateful to have lovely people in my life who look out for me and help me to be my best.
  • I am grateful to have less-than-kind people in my life who help me to practise resilience.
  • I am grateful for my lovely S, who stayed asleep when my alarm went off.


  • Up at 5:30 for a workout
  • Most of Drench completed despite feeling decidedly ropey
  • Most of yesterday’s work list completed


  • Get a little work done today
  • Cook a meal at lunch time as we’ll be out this afternoon
  • Continue with tidying

We have a fairly busy weekend, with activities planned on both days. A birthday party today and a christening tomorrow. This morning we need to prepare a birthday present, and shop for christening presents, which I’ve not yet done.

I didn’t get everything completed yesterday so I do have some work to complete today. Also hoping to get some writing done.

Vicky is a single mother, a blogger, a podcaster and a social media trainer. You can find her blogging, business and social media tips at VickyCharles.com.

  • April


    I love the idea of a daily journal. I have tried over the years and just never kept up with it, maybe its time to try again...

    1. Vicky Charles


      I've tried off and on, and do have years worth of paper diaries - but this year's has largely remained empty. I'm hoping I'll be better able to keep up if I'm typing it and making it a part of my daily routine.

  • Elizabeth Rebecca


    Love this idea - my blog is similar to this. Lizzie Dripping

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