How was your week? I can’t believe we’re entering the last week of August. Where is the time going?

Goal for last week

Last week’s goal was to work on my nutrition… I’m afraid I didn’t do terribly well with that! I had a couple of really hectic days and … well I could make excuses but the long and the short of it is that my food was fairly erratic last week. I know if I’m going to nail this, I need to start planning what I’m going to do for food during each day, the same as I plan when I’m going to fit in a workout, rather than just leaving it to chance.

Goal for this week

My goal for this week is to get the food sorted, and actually plan what I intend to eat and when. I know from experience that weekly mean planning goes to pot within the first couple of days for me, but there’s no reason I can’t plan my food for the day at the same time as planning my workout and to-do list for the day. I have an Ocado delivery coming this evening, filled with all sorts of goodies. And I’m expecting a special delivery from a friend this week that should also help…


This week I’ve continued with PiYo  and am now beginning my fourth week. This week I’ve done a couple of new workouts, and also experienced the joy that is having a toddler sit on the sofa watching me workout: “mummy you need trainers like the lady… mummy you not doing it right… mummy you’re going to break our house.” I think weirdly, S is actually helping me, and acting as my accountability. Yesterday morning I woke up feeling really tired and was considering putting off my workout until after she was in bed in the evening – at which point I would no doubt have made an excuse to make Sunday my rest day. But I’d already mentioned going downstairs to “do exercises” to S, and so she got up and stood at the foot of the bed saying “come on, let’s go downstairs and do exercises!”

For the last few weeks I’ve got up and dressed, got S off to nursery and then come home to do my workout before starting my work day – but on Friday I had an early appointment which meant I wouldn’t have time for a workout after the nursery run. I toyed with leaving it until after bed time, but I like to get it done earlier in the day, so I opted to get up at 6am and workout before the nursery run instead. It made time a little tighter in the morning, but it also made me feel really good and allowed me to start the day on a really positive note. I’m considering doing this for all of my workouts now!


I’m still doing doing Melissa McAllister’s 8 Hour Ab Diet but this week I haven’t been very sensible with it. Rather than ensuring I still get three meals per day, I’ve been very erratic in my eating – lots of this has been due to things like having meetings that have overrun past the point I would usually have eaten my breakfast. On Saturday I knew I was going to a friend’s house for dinner so I opted to start eating later in the day, meaning that my 8-hour window would run later and I would be able to eat with my friends. That worked really well, but there was a very rich chocolate cake for dessert, which I really should have passed on. Having got used to going to bed after a few hours with no food, I felt sick crawling into bed just an hour after eating a slice of cake. I didn’t feel too great the following morning either, which was not ideal since it was the morning of my weigh in…

Weight & Measurements

Weight 164lb. Last week: 164lb. No loss.
Bust: 36.5″. Last week: 37″. 0.5″ down
R Arm: 12″ Same as last week
L Arm: 12″ Same as last week
Waist: 34.5″ Same as last week
Hips: 38.5″ Last week: 39″ 0.5″ down
R Thigh: 22″ Last week: 22.5″ 0.5″ down
L Thigh: 22″ Last week: 22.5″ 0.5″ down

This week I’ve not lost any weight – but I have still taken off two inches. I’m sure the lack of weight loss is down to my erratic eating, which I really need to sort out.

Since I first started with PiYo  and  8 Hour Abs I’ve taken 9.5 inches off and lost just over 2 and a half pounds. I know that’s not a huge amount of weight but I’m keen to make sure it comes off slowly and steadily rather than in big chunks here and there.

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