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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-08-13


Reasons to be Cheerful


Hullo! How are you today? I love Thursdays because they give me a chance to think of things for which I am grateful. Here’s this week’s list:

Motivation – From somehere, I have developed this weird motivational boost, where I’m actually getting shit done. Not only am I getting work done in good time, I’m exercising, eating much more healthily, and managing to get some behind-the-scenes stuff done on this blog and the new site. I feel much more positive about life right now!

Having a Platform/Voice – Yesterday morning just as I was getting into the shower, my mobile rang and it was a producer from LBC wanting me to speak to Nick Ferrari on their breakfast show. I wrote a post about the topic here, but it’s so nice to just get the opportunity to speak about these things and put across my point of view.

Happy Smiles – Yesterday was our day off and we slept in until 7:30am! Or rather, I opened my eyes, saw the clock and rolled over to find S, head poking out from under a pillow with a massive cheesy grin on her face. And so began a lovely day off where we did little of any note. It was great.




How is your week going? What are you grateful for today?



Reasons to be Cheerful

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