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This week has been perhaps my most relaxed this year – but that and the hot weather has meant I’ve lived largely off ice cream. Not winning!

Goal for last week

My goal for last week was to eat a proper dinner each evening… I think I managed that most evenings. Though there was one evening where I just made sweet potato chips and smothered them in cheese.

Goal for this week

This week I want to eat proper meals in the day time. This week I’ve had three days working from home, which has meant coffee for breakfast, and then working on my laptop until I start to feel a bit woozy – then rummaging about in the kitchen for a snack of some descriptopn, before going back to what I was doing. Not terribly healthy!


I’ve not done a great deal of exercise this week – though S and I did have a fabulous run around the Secret Garden yesterday in search of more barons – and today we’re off on another long walk so that’s better than nothing!


As mentioned above, I’ve mostly been living off ice cream this week. I tend to lose my appetite in the heat.

Weight & Measurements

Weight: 166lb – same as last week
Neck: 14″ same as last week
Bust: 37″ – same as last week
Waist: 35″ – same as last week
Hips: 38″ – same as last week
R&L Thigh: 23″/23″ Same as last week
R&L Calf: 14.5″/14.5″ Same as last week

No change! I feel like all the sugar I’ve been eating should have made me put on weight – my skin has been awful lately. Hopefully I can get back to eating properly and sort it out!

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