This week’s podcast is about building engagement on a Facebook page, and building an authentic community on your page.

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This is the latest in a series of podcasts about Facebook. Previous podcasts include:

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Facebook algorithms and how they work

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Facebook advertising

This week’s podcast is about building a community on your Facebook page, and building engagement.



Here are some of my other blog posts about Facebook that you may find interesting or helpful:

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For this week’s podcast, I’ve been fiddling about with the recording to try and make it sound better. I would appreciate some feedback on how it sounds… does it sound better? Worse? The same? Do please let me know!


As always, I welcome all feedback so do please leave a comment either here or on my Facebook page. Or if you’re really down with the kids, you could scan my Snapcode in the sidebar and send me a Snapchat!

I’ve also recently started using Periscope, so come and find me on there; I’m SingleMAhoy.

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