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Goal Setting for Greatness 2015-07-27

Goal Setting for Greatness

Welcome to my weekly goal setting linky. Thank you to everyone who joined in last week; for those who didn’t, here’s how it works. You can set yourself some goals, and join up to the linky – then we all leave positive and supportive comments on each other’s posts. Next week, we all come back and review how we did with this week’s goals, and then set some more.

I also set myself monthly goals, which you are of course welcome to join in with.

The only rules are that you must visit the two people directly ahead of you, and leave a supportive comment on their blog. There’s also a badge at the bottom of the page to add to your post.


Goals for July: An Update

Increase my Income by 5%  – I was going to say 10%, but I’d rather make an achievable goal and nail it. I have lots of ideas up my sleeve, and more time for work than I have over the last six months so I’m confident I can drum up some more work.

Work on the Background of the Blog – I feel like now I’m in a routine with regard to posting, but there are lots of things I’d like to sort out with regard to the nuts and bolts of it. Things like sorting the categories and editing older posts which haven’t been touched since I moved over to self-hosted in October last year. Time to get going!

Write an E-Book – at the beginning of this year I wrote a list of blogging goals for the year and publishing an e book was on that list. I’ve done very little towards achieving that goal, despite the fact I’ve had several ideas buzzing about my head. July marks the start of the second half of the year, so it’s time to pull my socks up and get on with it!



Last Week’s Weekly Goals


Do one “extra” job – I actually managed to do this, and finished off a client’s books for last tax year which is something that’s been on my to do list for ages. I still have lots to do but I’ve made a start!

Work on evergreen posts – I have exported a sitemap containing all of my posts, and begun sorting through them… now I need to pare that down to a list of genuine evergreen content!

Prioritise and work on one ebook – you may have seen this post last week; I’m finding that it’s hard to prioritise one over the other, and that’s stopping me from moving forward which is not ideal!

zig ziglar goal setting quote

This week’s goals

Submit my year-end tax return & tax credits figures – Having left it to the last possible minute, I really need to get everything submitted this week or I’m in trouble!

Continue working on evergreen content – my plan is to make a list of all of my evergreen content and use it to share my old content on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis, rather than just sharing the same posts again and a again – which is what I’m doing at the moment!

Work on at least one of the ebooks! – I think my failure to make a decision last week stopped me from actually getting anything done! That needs to change, or nothing will ever get done!


Now it’s your turn! If you’d like to join in please add the badge below to your post, and link it up here:

Goal Setting for Greatness

This linky will be live until Wednesday evening (BST), so feel free to add a post later in the week if you’ve not got round to setting any goals yet.

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