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These days, you can automatically share and cross-post in so many different ways… but is it worth it? In my experience, yes – but only if you are mindful of what you’re doing – and whether your followers will enjoy seeing your cross-posting efforts.

Here are a few examples:

  • Auto-sharing blog posts – this is great, and I have mine set up to automatically share to Facebook, Twitter, and all sorts of everywhere. When I first moved over to WordPress I was really excited to see there was a plugin that would do this for me… and completely forgot I’d already had Networked Blogs doing that job for me. It took me a while to realise I was sending two or more automatic tweets, at exactly the same time, for each blog post I published. A lot of people I follow still do this, and it can be irritating – especially for those people who don’t follow many people. A duplicated tweet stands out a lot, if it’s at the top of your timeline for half an hour before the next one comes in. It’s also worth noting here that a lot of people also have Bloglovin set to automatically tweet their content – which again is fine, as long as you’re not already autosharing it in another way, at the same time!
  • Linking Facebook and Twitter – I’m a big fan of linking my Facebook to Twitter; all of my text updates go straight from Facebook to Twitter, and this works quite well for me. However, there is also an option to have all of your updates go straight from Facebook to Twitter: photos, links, everything. Originally my page was not set up like this purely because when Facebook first set up the link it only supported text updates. But I’ve never changed it over, because I hate it when I see tweets that are simply a “fb” link with no text – this is where someone has added a photo. If they add several photos in one go, they send several tweets that are nothing more than a Facebook link, and it looks awful. I also know people who set their link the other way – for Twitter to update their Facebook – and I think this looks even worse, purely because you might tweet several times in an hour without it being seen as spam, but on Facebook a post has a longer life so several posts in an hour would be a bit much.
  • Sharing from Instagram – When I post on Instagram, I make sure to share it to as many different channels as possible. Many of my Facebook and Twitter followers either aren’t on Instagram or don’t follow me on there. Just recently I discovered the joy that is IFTTT and used it to link my Instagram to my Twitter so that when I post an Instagram, it automatically posts as a native photo on Twitter. I love that, and it’s certainly got me a lot more interaction on Twitter – but for a while I kept forgetting the link was there, and so my Twitter feed featured a tweet with some text and a photo, and then the exact same text with a link to Instagram. Not cool.

My point with all of this? Yes, I think linking social media and blogs together is an excellent idea, and I’m a big fan of autosharing content wherever appropriate… but the key word in that sentence is appropriate. Remember to still keep an eye on your social channels, and to check that your auto sharing is working as you expected, and that you’re not duplicating content or posting random nonsense!

Do you autoshare in other ways? I love automation, so if you share to and/or from other networks do please leave a comment!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Silly Mummy · 04/07/2015 at 12:15

Really useful advice. I should look into more autosharing. #weekendbloghop

Renee · 04/07/2015 at 14:23

Thanks for the IFTTT tip! I use a combo of auto shares and active ones. Manually adding an instagram photo to twitter was time consuming and I didn’t like the autoshare link. I chose the option where it only shares images that I tag with #Twitter.

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