I love Game of Thrones. I devoured the first three seasons when I had one of those accounts where you rent dvds by post. When the fourth season was on TV in the UK, it was on a channel I didn’t have – and I was rather upset about that.

I had been waiting in vain for it to appear on Netflix, as I can get that through my YouView box – but it never has. With the fifth season coming out recently, I was reminded of how infuriating it was, not to be able to keep up with it. I have studiously avoided any mention of it on social media.

Meanwhile, I’m working my way through TV shows on Netflix through my YouView box, and watching the odd TV show (mainly The Good Wife  and  My Mad Fat Diary). The other evening, I had just finished binge watching my latest favourite show on Netflix (Lie To Me) and was having a look around the On Demand area to see if I could find something else to binge watch… when I clicked on the TalkTalk button.

Imagine my deep joy when I saw that they had Game of Thrones available! And not just the most recent season, but all five of them. It’s not included in the normal TV package; you pay for each season individually. But it’s a lot cheaper than buying a dvd box set, starting from £16.95 per season.

I’ve bought season 4 and am already completely in love with the show all over again. I was horrified yesterday when my sister revealed that she doesn’t like Game of Thrones. I didn’t realise people like that existed, least of all in my own family!

I’m terrible for binge watching TV shows; I go through them really quickly, often keeping them on as background noise while only half paying attention. Game of Thrones is one of the few where I can’t have it as background noise; I need to see and hear everything that happens… so expect me to be a little quieter on social media in the evenings for a while!


Disclosure: I am an ambassador for TalkTalk. If you would like to sign up to their TV/Broadband/Phone service, take a look here.

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.

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Thismummylark · 28/06/2015 at 11:13

Love games of thrones!!! That and breaking bad i watched episode after episode. Enjoy!

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