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This was the last week of a very hectic month. I was in London again on Tuesday evening, worked on Wednesday (it’s usually my day off) and at an awards ceremony on Thursday. This weekend was mostly spent half-snoozing on the sofa!

Goal for last week

My goal for last week was not to fall into a pit of chocolate and drown… I sort of achieved that, but on Friday without even really noticing, I bought two bars of chocolate and ate them. Not fantastic, but to be fair it could have been a whole lot worse!

Goal for this week

This week I want to eat a proper dinner each evening. Things are a bit quieter this week so there’s no reason for me not to find the time to do this.


Well, on Tuesday I realised as I sauntered down the Kings Road towards Sloane Square tube that I actually had half an hour until my train home so I ended up running down escalators and between tube platforms – and then I ran from the underground station at Waterloo, up two flights of stairs to the main station and then almost the full length of the station to get my train… and then I almost collapsed! That’s about as much exercise as I got this week, though.


The food situation is not fabulous. I feel like I write the same thing here every week, so I’m not even going to make an excuse.

Weight & Measurements

Weight: 166lb – one pound back on.
Neck: 14″ same as last week
Bust: 37″ – same as last week
Waist: 35″ – same as last week
Hips: 38″ – same as last week
R&L Thigh: 23″/23″ Same as last week
R&L Calf: 14.5″/14.5″ Same as last week

To be honest, having spent a month making sure I do lots of core exercises to keep my hernia in check, I’m disappointed that my waist hasn’t done some sort of miraculous shrinking thing. Then again, I’ve not eaten particularly well – and I have taken a little bit off it so I can’t complin.

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Thismummylark · 29/06/2015 at 16:27

Your train station workout sounds good!! Lots of inclines.

Im disappointed looking at the scales too. Having had no treats for over 2 weeks, watching what ive ate. Trying to walk out more with the pram etc. No weight loss.

    Vicky Charles · 30/06/2015 at 21:53

    Don’t lose faith! I’m sure both of us will lose next week…

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