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The last few days I have been in hernia hell (it’s a real place, you don’t want to visit). And the worst part is, I know it’s all my own doing. Time to sort my shit out. Again.

Goal for last week

Considering how bonkers last week was, I think I did okay. I still ate some sugar, and did have a bit of a binge on Friday, but on the whole it wasn’t too bad.

Goal for this week

Assuming the trains are running(!) I’m off to London this evening, and then to Bristol on Friday for Blog Camp. Therefore this week’s goal is pretty much “don’t f*** up.”


I’m not going to lie; there has been no exercise this week. I have nothing more to say on that matter!


I’ve managed several “real” meals in the last week, which is a bonus. On Thursday evening I had an event, so I bought a ping meal on the way home. Bearing mind I used to practically live on ping meals, I was sorely disappointed by this one. It was from a supermarket “premium” range too, and they were on offer so I bought a Moussakka for the following evening – and I nearly puked, eating that one! It tasted so salty and not at all like real food. It was vile.

For me, that was a bit of a “pat on the back” moment – because even though I’m still eating more sugar than I would like, something has clearly changed. I used to eat a lot of ping meals. Being a single parent with a toddler who is either fed at nursery or just intensely fussy at home, a ping meal was usually the easier option than trying to actually cook a decent meal for one. And I used to absolutely love the moussakka.

Weight & Measurements

Weight: 165lb – one pound on from last week
Neck: 14″ same as last week
Bust: 37″ half an inch on
Waist: 35″ half an inch on
Hips: 38″ half an inch off
R&L Thigh: 23″/23″ Same as last week
R&L Calf: 14.5″/14.5″ Same as last week

One pound on – that’s probably from the last couple of weeks, when I’ve been eating loads of crap. I can’t really complain about that! I’m surprised to have taken half an inch off my hips, too.

My Happiness Project challenge for June is linked to how my hernia can affect my mood, and I’m hoping I will see some results here.

Weeky Weigh In #1 (1)


There are now six weeks left til Brit Mums Live, so I’ve six weeks left to sort myself out!

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