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Reasons to be Cheerful 2015-06-11


Reasons to be Cheerful

How’s your week? I’m having a weird one. I realised yesterday that Brit Mums Live is next week – and I’ve not got train tickets or sensible clothes or anything yet! Will have to work on that one.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week:

Open Farm Sunday We went to a local farm with a friend this weekend. It was so lovely to do something a little out of the ordinary; S had a fantastic time and has drunk loads of milk since we bought a litre from the farm after watching the cows being milked. Living in the middle of a city, it’s nice to get out into the Great Outdoors sometimes.

Having a Social Life – I could blame my lack of a social life on S, but in all honesty I’ve just never been a very sociable person. Ironically, having S gave me more confidence to go out and do things – but the fact I have S means I can’t do it too much. Tonight I am going out for a meal with friends, and I can’t wait.

Simple Pleasures – I love that S is so easily pleased still. We had a day off yesterday, and I had to visit an office out of town to deliver some work. It could have waited until later in the week, or even next week when I’ll be up there working any way – but I thought I would ask S if she fancied a bus ride. She jumped at the chance, and we had a 20-minute bus journey followed by a flying visit to the office, a short wait for the bus and another 20-minute journey. When we got off the bus she said “wow, that was a good trip!” I think the “good trip” status materialised when she realised our bus stop was right next to the air field, and we saw approximately 15 planes take off while we were up there. But still, easily pleased!                                                                                                                                                         

What are you grateful for this week?



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Reasons to be Cheerful

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  • Ojo Henley


    My youngest used to love going for a ride on daddy's bus! It was like a proper adventure for him lol. Yes, britmums is next week. Eek! Can't wait to see you again xx Ojo Henley recently posted...Reasons to be CheerfulMy Profile

  • Abi


    What lovely reasons to be cheerful! The outdoors is great. Now I'm in a small flat I have more excuse to take the kids out and to the park etc. I don't mind the flat not really having a garden (it does but its shared and its crap) as it means I have to take them out and enjoy the outdoors more than I ever would have before. x Abi recently posted...Reasons to be cheerful #R2BCMy Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      I think you're right Abi. Having no garden means we have to go out together. I think if I had a garden it would be too tempting to let S play outside while I work or clean or lounge about!

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