When I was little, I don’t recall going on holidays much. When I was really small, there was a holiday on a barge with my aunt and uncle – all I remember is having to wear a life jacket all the time. When I was a teenager we went to the Isle of Wight for a week, but I think one of my younger siblings must have been ill, as I remember going on day trips on our own while my mum stayed at the house we were staying in.


I don’t recall my mum going anywhere further than Blackpool, with or without her children. The one time she did go abroad was to Paris, where she got some sort of bug and spent her holiday in the hotel while my younger sisters went out to have fun.

holiday in cuba


It’s safe to say then, that my mum hasn’t had a proper holiday for quite some time… possibly never. We had been planning to do something special for her 60th, but it never really happened. A fellow blogger recently posted on her Facebook about going on holiday with her mother and it got me to thinking. I’m hoping in a couple of years, if all her children pool our resources, we can afford to give her the holiday of a lifetime. She’s wanted to visit Cuba since my brother and his wife had their honeymoon there several years ago, and returned golden brown and full of stories. I’m sure she’d love to go and see for herself the white sandy beaches with turquoise water – a far cry from paddling in the sea on the south coast of England!


I think my mum would love to go on a holiday without having to worry about children or grandchildren for once. And if she went with Saga Holidays, she wouldn’t have to worry about other people’s children either because they only do holidays for over 50s! It’s not that holidaying with children (or around children) is not enjoyable; just now her children are grown up and after 35+ years of playing mum she’s free to do as she pleases, so a holiday aimed at over 50s would be ideal for her.

Now, all we need to do is get the money together for her to be able to go!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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