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A Snapshot from our Weekend: Open Farm Sunday


This Sunday was Open Farm Sunday. There is a community farm just up the road from us, but we also have a friend, Sam, who is a milk recorder and offered to take us to one of the farms she works on, which was also having an open day. We jumped at the chance of an afternoon out having fun, and so off we went.
 open farm sundayThe farm we visited is primarily a dairy farm, but they had some other animals visiting for the day, including some sheep and lambs, chickens and pigs. They also put some of their own calves out in a pen for us to see.
open farm sunday pigs
 I never realised it, but pigs actually dig holes with their noses, looking for roots and bugs and things. They also like it when you stroke their noses, but S was having none of that!
happy toddler sunglasses
 S remembered Sam from our last farm outing together, and happily held her hand, which was nice.
tractor ride
We went on a tractor ride around the farm, parts of which were really bumpy – S loved it! She spent a large part of the ride leaning out of the back of the tractor to see as much as she could. She hit the jackpot when the tractor ran over a great big cow pat and was very pleased by that.
Nunton Farm This was the view from the trailer as we reached the top of the farm.  You can just see Salisbury Cathedral on the horizon.
ice cream chops
After the tractor ride, S had an ice cream while we watched the cows being milked. The farm has a fancy new carousel in the milking parlour which means they can milk all 780 of their herd every day with only 3 members of staff. It was amazing to watch these cows going past us, being milked. apparently they love it, and often refuse to get off once they’ve been milked.

S was happy because she got to see two cows do a wee as well – the only reason we came out of the house!
pouring milk
 After we’d finished watching the milking (and eating the ice cream) S washed her hands and we got some stickers and Sam bought her a bottle of milk as a souvenir. She was very taken with the milk, and insisted on carrying it. On the way back to the car she posed for a photo in front of a tractor, demonstrating how she intended to pour her milk.
S fell asleep holding the milk as soon as we got back into the car. When we got home Sam held the milk while I carried S upstairs. I sat her down on the sofa, thinking she might stay asleep – but she woke up and immediately said “ohh, my milk!” While I was downstairs saying goodbye to Sam, she woke up properly and by the time I got back to the living room, she was sitting at the table asking for a glass of milk!
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  • Joanne Dewberry


    Open Farm Sunday is such a great idea! We had great fun at our local farm which is mostly arable. But hey a combine harvester, large empty grain barn and a couple of tractors and our kids were super happy!! Joanne Dewberry recently posted...Open Farm Sunday | 30 Days Wild | Day 7My Profile

    1. Vicky Charles


      I love the idea that so many farms open up to the public. It's brilliant for kids who wouldn't normally see what goes on - and to learn where their food comes from!

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