I really love Ted Talks. I have the Ted app on my mobile, and watch talks while I do the washing up. I watch them on Netflix in the evenings (now that I’ve finished Orange Is The New Black).  I find them informative and inspiring and challenging and often more entertaining than TV’s latest offerings.

Favourite Ted Talks

Here are my five favourite Ted Talks of all time…

1. Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

As  someone who has largely gone through life feeling like an impostor, I can really relate to this video. I used to be so shy, I would cross the road to avoid talking to my own friends – even if I really wanted to talk to them!

I made my sister do the poses in this video before her first ever job interview, and she got the job. When her friend applied for a job at the same place, she told him about the poses – and he got the job too! This stuff really works, and I think everyone should watch this video. Repeatedly.


2. Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

This talk absolutely blew my mind. Ken Robinson is an amazing speaker who entertains as well as informs. I have recommended this talk to so many people since watching it, and re-watched it even more times myself. I love it. And he makes a valid point!


3. Rita Pierson: Every Kid Needs a Champion

This woman is amazing. All teachers should watch this video, and either feel energised and inspired, or quit and get a job at Burger King. Actually, scrap that. This woman should be in charge of every school in the world. She should personally vet who gets to teach, and who doesn’t. Move over, Ofsted. This woman is better than you.


4. Brene Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Brene Brown is brilliant. She speaks beautifully about shame, vulnerability and humanity with a personal story. This talk is one of my favourites, because it really made me think.


5. Susan Cain – The Power of Introverts

You might know Susan Cain as the author of Quiet, a massively popular book I’ve yet to read. I’ve seen this talk loads of times though, and so have eleven million other people. If you’re not sure you’re interested in introverts, then just watch it for the personal insight about Dr Seuss!


Is your favourite Ted Talk on this list? If not, let me know what I’m missing out on!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


Ojo Henley · 21/06/2015 at 07:40

I have never heard of Ted talks!? I shall have to look it up, when I get home x

SourgirlOhio · 24/06/2015 at 19:43

I loved this one. I hope the link works.


Thanks for sharing your list:)

John McQuay · 25/06/2015 at 10:19

I think it would be hard for me to list my top 5 as just about all Ted Talks have a great message to deliver. Here are 5 that I have watched more than once.

Zak Ebrahim – His father was a terrorist. This talk is about how he, despite being groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps, chose not to. For me, the underlying message is that people have a choice; it is up to them who they become.

David Epstein – I was pointed to this Ted Talk by a friend. Something I have never had to do a lot of in the past is present to an audience. I wanted to take inspiration from as many sources as I can because frankly, I find most peoples presentations dull; consisting of walls of words on a screen which are often read from by the presenter. I wanted to see examples of a presentation where the presenter was doing the talking, not the Powerpoint/Keynote. Here is such a Talk.

Arthur Benjamin – MatheMagic – Just a bit of fun. :-)

Hannah Fry – The Mathematics of Love – This one came up on my phone when I pressed “surprise me”. Perhaps a touchy subject for some people, but I found the talk interesting all the same.

James Lyne – Everyday cybercrime – and what you can do about it – Something that has always been of a concern to me. This will prove what I said about me being a bit of a nerd! :-)

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