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Today’s #DayInTheLife is from Becky at Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girl (what a great name for a blog!) Becky is a 30-something working mummy to a 6-year-old girl, an almost one-year-old boy and wife to Mr C. Her blog captures the family’s memories an adventures and all things Becky. Becky is a lover of laughter, family, friends and all things cake related.


This is a day in Becky’s Life.


Weekdays are bit like groundhog day around here, typically I start my morning at 6am when the alarm goes off, Mr C is usually long Diary of a Fat Bottomed Girlgone, having left around 5. If it’s a wash my hair day (every other day unless feeling particularly lazy then dry shampoo and a high pony tail is my friend) I’ll get straight up, not in a spritely, “oh yay it’s morning” kind of way; more of a sluggish, “if I have to” way. I am not a morning person. If I just need to jump in the shower I like to hit the snooze button once or twice; there’s something about hitting snooze that makes my morning a little bit brighter. The froglet who turns one this week is still in our room; if he’s still asleep I use all my stealth ability to sneak out of the bedroom without disturbing him, giving myself time to grab a shower in peace. Once clean and polished I’ll rummage through my wardrobe for something that fits, is clean, doesn’t need ironing and is suitable for work, there’s not a lot of choice. I’ll have a little minute to check my phone, email, Facebook and Twitter before getting dressed, a moment of calm before the storm.

The froglet is usually awake by 7am. Whether the next 45 minutes are good or stressful depends on the mood of the munchkin, good or bad this is the quickest 45 minutes of the day. Sometimes my delightful 6 year old, will be up when I’m getting dressed, go downstairs and start getting herself in her uniform, the morning starts off nice and calmly. These days I pat myself on the back for being awesome at this parenting lark. Most days though I have to wake her up and then nag like my life depends on it to get her ready. Whilst nagging (shouting) I’m also trying to get the froglets morning bottle ready, make sure all our bags are sorted, get the froglet dressed including his eczema cream, do the munchkins hair, argue with her that four bobbles all over her head is not suitable for school, make sure the munchkin has brushed her teeth and isn’t just stood in the bathroom chewing her toothbrush, give the froglet his bottle ‘cause he’s just too lazy to hold it himself, get shoes and coats on so we can be out of the house by 7:45. Then it’s a dash to nursery to drop the froglet off, keeping our fingers crossed traffic isn’t bad and a dash to school to drop the munchkin off at breakfast club. When I get back in the car to set off for work at ten past 8 I feel like I’ve done a full days work already, I’m sure a new grey hair or wrinkle appears on mornings like this, it takes me the 15 minute drive to work too calm down.

I arrive at work for 8:30 and get my first well deserved brew of the day and grab myself a slice of toast from the canteen downstairs in the office building. Then it’s a day of emails, telephone calls and getting through everything that needs doing. My time at work is the least stressful time of my day, even when I’m really busy. I just need to think about what’s in front of me and myself rather than 1001 other things all at once for four different people, I get to eat my lunch without sharing it or having a baby climb all over me, I get to drink a brew hot and I get to nip to the loo without a tiny person following me. I like work once I’m there, I’m fairly good at what I do (modest) and my work colleagues always make theday go quicker.

Most days I pick the froglet up from nursery on my way home at 4:30, Mr C picks the munchkin up from her Grans or from whatever after school club she’s up to. I get home for about 5. If I’m lucky Mr C has already started tea, sometimes the munchkin has tea at her Grans after school on those days we’ll eat a bit later, which is good ‘cause it takes us that long to decide what we want. Mr C does most of the cooking, I just don’t like doing it and if I’m honest I’m not very good, I get the timings all wrong.

I spend a bit of time pottering, checking the munchkins school bag, sorting washing, picking up stuff other people have stepped over, attempting to tidy. The froglet has a quick bath about 6:40, right slap bang in the middle of his very noisy grumpy hour. Whilst one of us is getting him in his PJs and giving him his nighttime bottle, the other is getting the munchkin in the bath or persuading her to jump in the shower. They used to get in the bath together but because of the froglets eczema he has to have plain bath water and the munchkin likes bubbles. The froglet is always ready for bed at 7pm, he’s had enough of the day and quickly falls asleep, all that playing can be tiring you know. The munchkins bed time has crept to nearer 8pm, I’m really not sure when that happened but it has given us a bit of breathing space between the kids night time routines and we get an hour with her by herself, talking about her day or reading some of her school book. The munchkin will choose who is taking her to bed, if it’s me we’ll have a little sing song or read a story or have another little chat, it’s funny at this time how she finds the most profound question to ask. It’s not a rigmarole though, I like that extra bit of calm time we spend together and once I’ve left her room and said good night, that’s her for the night.

I do not have productive evenings, I am not one of those people that gets lots done, even when I have a really long to do list. I have been working on changing that but most nights I’m sat in my PJ bottoms watching TV, writing, reading or playing on my phone eating Malteasers. Mr C goes to bed earlier than me, as he’s up and out earlier, so once he’s in bed I’ll watch a programme I’ve recorded that he doesn’t like. I aim to get in bed for 10:30, but usually I’ll just have a quick read of some blogs or watch a couple of YouTube videos, before I know it it’s closer to 11:30. If I’ve not already napped on the sofa (I love napping on the sofa) then I’m well and truly tired by this point and it really is my bedtime. As you can tell during the week the excitement just doesn’t stop.

I check on both kids, get in bed and set my alarm for 6, to start the routine over again.

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Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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