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Hello, happy Monday! How are you today?

The last few weeks have been really bonkers for me, I feel like my feet have barely touched the ground and I’m knackered. I’m determined to get my business working well for me this month, and to focus more time and energy on growing my client list and things like that. Working smarter, but also harder – I think I waste a lot of time at the moment and I need to stop! Before I set goals for the month ahead, I’ll look at how I did last month.


Goals for April

Secure One New Client – I actually did it! I also got back in contact with some clients I’d not worked with for a while, which was nice.

Post Daily on the Blog  – I published 74 posts last month, which I’m fairly pleased with.

Sort the Bedroom Once & For All – Fail, fail, fail. If anything the state of the entire flat is worse this month, as I’ve been so busy with everything else!


Goals for May

Bring More Money Through The Door – For all my running around in April, I ended the month £100 down on the month before. My goal for May is to make that £100 back, plus more on top if I can.

Improve Blog Traffic – My over all page views for April were down around 800 on March. In May I would like, at the very least, to beat my April total, and hopefully to beat March too. In theory, this should be easier as there are 31 days in which to do so.

Get to Inbox Zero – At the time of writing, I have 110 unread mails in my email. This is partly due to the fact all of the clever Gmail rules I set up to send junk mail straight to the bin seem to have undone themselves (has anyone else had this happen?), and partly because I’m just terrible for just not reading mails, thinking I’ll come back and open them when I have time to deal with them or something. In the meantime, 50 more junk mails come in, and the one mail I wanted to read is buried. No more! I want to empty my mailbox out, and deal with everything – so that when a new and exciting opportunity lands in my mailbox, I won’t miss it!



Last Week’s Weekly Goals


Catch up on my work – I sort of did… and then I sort of went out and found loads more work to do. So I’m probably a little behind again, but in a good way… I’m one of those people who works better under pressure!

Blog, blog, blog! – I actually did post most of the things I wanted to, despite having significantly less time for blog activities. I think I did ok – and the fact one of my posts went a bit crazy last week (this one, if you’re interested) certainly helped to bring my pageviews up in time for the end of the month!

Get S’s old clothes out of the house – almost! My sister came round over the weekend, and I sent her away with a big bag of clothes. There are still bits and pieces dotted about around the house but most of it is gone.


The Nectar Collective

This week’s goals

Send three pitch emails – if I want to get more money through the door this month, I need to hustle! It’s only a four-day week because of the bank holiday, and on one of those days I’m likely to be in London on a jolly – so on the other three days, I need to work bloody hard.

Write at least 3 “extra” posts – As I mentioned in this post, I have a regular schedule of fifteen posts per week. I want to write at least three extra on top of that fifteen this week.

Get rid of junk mail – of the 110 unread mails in my inbox, I’m sure a lot of them are junk. I want to delete them, and click “unsubscribe” on as many as possible in the process.

Have you set any goals this week? I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!

Vicky Charles

Vicky is a single mother, writer and card reader.


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