weekly weigh in #13


I toyed with the idea of not even bothering with a weigh-in post this week, but I figure I can’t just not post if I know it’s not going to be good news!

Goal for last week

Last week’s goal was to stop the sugar… I have cut it right back, but I think this falls under the heading “could do better.”

Goal for this week

This week is looking fairly hectic. Today is a bank holiday; tomorrow I’m out all day working in the arse end of nowhere (good for me as long as I manage to bring a sensible lunch with me); after that I basically have Thursday afternoon in which to do my week’s work. My goal for this week is just not to slip backwards.


A couple of days this week I didn’t even take my pedometer out with me – but I didn’t need it to tell me I wasn’t hitting 10,000 steps. I think for now I just have to accept that I need to get on top of other things before worrying about exercise; it just ain’t happening!


Well, I have cut back on the sugar… but not as much as I would like. I’ve been more lenient with myself and that seems to work better than an all-out ban for now. I’m trying to eat more good fats and protein to keep myself full and I think in the evenings I just have to keep myself busy – definitely not a problem at the moment!

Weight & Measurements

Weight: 164 lb same as last week
Neck: 14″ same as last week
Bust: 36.5″ same as last week
Waist: 34.5″ same as last week
Hips: 38.5″ same as last week
R&L Thigh: 23″/23″ Same as last week
R&L Calf: 14.5″/14.5″ Same as last week

I am surprised not to have put on about ten inches, to be honest. To stay the same as last week… I’ll take that!

My skin has really taken a battering this week; I’m supser spotty again and I feel lethargic. On Saturday I felt so bad I ended up dozing on the sofa all afternoon. I think that was a bit of a wake-up call and I feel like that was probably my body responding to the recent onslaught of sugar. My hernia is uncomfortable still, which is to be expected – but hopefully I will feel better by next week’s weigh in.

Weeky Weigh In #1 (1)


There are now six weeks left til Brit Mums Live, so I’ve six weeks left to sort myself out!

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Morgan Prince · 25/05/2015 at 10:33

Small changes hun. I think being lenient with yourself is okay sometimes. I’m making small changes at the moment, reducing my portion sizes is one of them.

When life gets busy it is hard to stay on track but you can do it. xx

Thismummylark · 25/05/2015 at 11:20

Hey, i’ve decided to try and lose some weight/ tone up since having my son TJ. Is the 10,000 a self set goal or a recommemdation? I’m starting small….smaller portion sizes, trying to replace my sugary tea with water, only healthy snacks….exercise im struggling with finding the energy to do any!

    Vicky Charles · 25/05/2015 at 15:27

    I think the 10,000 steps a day is one of those arbitrary government guidelines to be honest. Good luck with your journey!

      Thismummylark · 25/05/2015 at 19:04

      Ohh ill have to look into getting a pedometer. 10k sounds alot!

Sarah Howe · 25/05/2015 at 12:30

Ah do be lenient on yourself or it just gets too much! Maybe another week but you have still staying the same which is good. Good fats and protein sound like the right way forward! Here’s to next week xx #bloggingtojogging

chantelle hazelden · 26/05/2015 at 22:07

Small changes are definitely better than no changes and atleast you recognise what needs to be done, that is a huge step!! #bloggingtojogging

Mummy Melton · 27/05/2015 at 15:10

Small changes are still changes. Sounds like you are doing well. I’ve just started using my Fitbit again so aiming for 10,000 steps each day, seems easier when I’m not at work though. Cutting out sugar will make a huge difference xx

Sim @ SimsLife.co.uk · 29/05/2015 at 18:03

A snooze would have done you good chick and your body obviously needed it! All the small things will add up and the fact all your measurements are the same – it’s hard to maintain, you would have done more than you thought you did! Hope you are having a good week! :) Sim xx #WeightLossWednesday x

Hannah Budding Smiles · 01/06/2015 at 15:33

You’ve done well to reduce the sugar, sometimes an all-out withdrawal just isn’t good. I hope you’ve felt better this week. Thanks for linking with #BloggingToJogging xx

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